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[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
I agree, it totaly make sense , i just hope that it would work, i am not new to bios flash , but kind of rusty ( its not my main IT work).
Anyways, i am happy that i would learn a new trick and sure any further feedback is welcomed. Smile
Quick question on pulling dump files. I am about to flash another modified rom. Before I flash I pulled a dump to check it against the last rom I flashed into it. File size is the same and it is not all FFF or 000 but checking with hxd the hex code is different. I pulled 2 dumps just now and they match each other but do not match what I originally flashed to it a couple days ago. Should I have any concerns?

Also the new dump opens just fine in amibcp and everything I changed is present and looks the same.
frankr2994 Well if you get bios from untrusted source , sure you must be aware of possible problems, but if you dont see any suspecious cpu or tcp ip activity in pc idle mode , well nothing to worry about.
About my case:
Recently i got the programmer and voila successefuly flashed my bios chip,

[Image: biosflashsuccess.png]
Looks good!
The chip which i got from good bios local supplier is of the higher quliaty , so didnt tested on my motherboard , but think if the burn of the original bios was successeful, the i have created a good backup if my new bios chip would someday mailfunction or fail.
The software as mention i downloaded from this forum, so if anyone reading this in future, just use the software which is mention in the first post.
This is it , i finall done and i am pretty, pretty happy that i have found such great information and solution for any future bios fail!
Hi there, my bios seems broken soi am trying to flash a bios to my asrock z370 sli killer. i managed to finish up to the step where i click blank. all good so far but i cannot convert the file i downloaded from asrock:

i have tried the linux dd bs=1024 skip=4 if=x of=x.rom and the uefitool extract ways but no luck. pls help

You need to use instant flash, as asrockuser showed not only a programmer must be set right, you need right tool to program your bios chip.
My best advise get hold of hiron boot cd , (write it on usb stick) boot from usb stick and use the software which on the first page.
When you
1. start the software and connected the bios chip in right position and load the rom firmware of your bios , then you just need hit one button Auto

Still one thing is need to consider, why your bios chip failed at the first place, did you flashed it or it just deprecated due to the time.
I would recommend to buy a new bios chip , it doenst cost much like 5 to 10 euros.

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