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HP MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) 5.27 With Unlocked Overclocking Options
I also looked. But not found
At Bios There is no such function, at least not found.
Normally it would be the following adjustments:


i was at work and found a barebones athlon x2 4000 system with this board in it.

i currently await ram and a case for the fella as the original is knackered, i was looking for drivers when i came across unlocking bioses, which i never knew existed before now.

it was to my surprise that i found that not only is this bios hackable, but that there is a whole bunch of people who've played about with it and sweated on it AND are still working away on it nowadays!

this is a nice wee find, thanks for your hard work, i shall fiddle with the device =o)
The store manager at my job was having trouble with his computer. I gave it a look, and saw that the motherboard had numerous failing capacitors. I found that it was made by ECS, and that the standard retail ECS version was available. I had him order one, and I swapped it for him.

I decided to see if I could replace the capacitors on the failing board, hoping to have something I could use to run folding at home on. I salvaged good capacitors from some dead motherboards I have, and soldered them on. The operation was a success! But, the stock CPU fan was apparently a variable speed unit - and the one I had was not. It turned very slowly, and the POST screen warned me that the CPU fan was failing. I began looking for a way to defeat the BIOS fan control, so the CPU fan would run full speed, and I came across this thread. I downloaded and flashed this BIOS, and the board is working great! Not only does it now work with a standard CPU fan (the one I'm using is a stock one for a socket 939), but I now have access to all of the CMOS options that the OEMs take pains to keep people from touching. Thank you!
(03-05-2011, 01:54 PM)TheWiz Wrote: Hi all,

We only have had one tester get the quad cores working, so we think we may have to find a new BIOS for the quad core support. As of now, I know that the 5600+ is the highest tested dual core working. I wil do some testing today and see if I can find a BIOS suitable for quad core support.


I've flashed with the latest bios and it works fine with my old slow Sempron 3600+ starting up quicker than the original Compaq 5.27 bios did. I got my hands on a Phenom x4 9350e very cheap but it won't start at all which looks like it is expected. Very keen to hear if you can get quad support in there.
Not seem to have more news for now ....., we wait to see if an update comes out more or go A few more more to support the quad-coreCool
Thanks for the update. I've ended up getting a new motherboard which was a bit cheap and only has two RAM slots but supports the Phenom and it runs well. I would still like to switch back to the Nettle2 if possible at some point.
I know this post is redundant but I am just wondering if one of you guys can give us an update on how the research is going with quad core support.
I am trying to flash the BIOS on an hp media center m8200n with this board. I'm using the instructions on the first thread. At the end, after typing in awdflash M613Z_19.BIN /py /sn /cc / cd /cp /wb /r and hitting enter, I get a screen explaining what all the commands do, and another c> The system does not restart. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Hi All,

I'm new to this thread, having taken responsibility today for upgrading a Nettle2 system for a relative as far as I can. I noticed that this mobo has the exact same chipset as my other HTPC mobo by ASUS (M2NPV-VM) ie NVIDIA GeForce 6150, nForce 430.

The M2NPV-VM has a bios version that supports PhenomII (ver 5005) at:

I had requested in another thread to add support for the AMD AthlonII X2 265 to that bios, but I wonder if the ASUS 5005 bios might be useful to extract modules and help add Phenom II support to this Nettle2 board?

just a thought... Smile

I successfully flashed the m613z_19.bin BIOS from the first page onto a MCP61PM-HM Nettle 2 mobo from a Compaq Presario SR51480AN with stock 4800+ (ADO4800IAA5DD) and it worked fine, yay! Smile

Ever the hopeful soul, I bought a Phenom II X2 555 BE 80W (HDZ555WFK2DGM) today and popped it in, but no joy. I reset the settings by removing the power cord, the CMOS battery and did the blue jumper swap according to the instructions at all at the same time, but all to no avail - when I turn it on there are fans spinning fast, but nothing on the monitor, and no beeps. Sad

Is there a different BIOS I should have tried, or is the 555 not supported yet?


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