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HP Proliant Microserver AMI BIOS MOD
Helo Guyz Am new to this forum.. i reali need to reset my elitebook 8530p BIOS password.... can i do it after the windows start?? hw do i go about that thx
Thanks for your time camiloml. Is there any chance that serial console redirection is unlockable when using the remote access card?

Serial console redirection settings are typically under Advanced > IPMI Configuration. It may look like this:

[Image: super_bootloader1.jpg]
Hi, where to find the tool for editing the Flash File?

Is it the "AMI Bios Configuration Programm"?
I have my new N54L have the latest BOIS SP64420, is it compatible with this MOD BIOS ?

Check out my new build based on latest BIOS (01/10/13). I tested it on my HP N54L and it works like a charm. It should resolve some incompatibility with latest version of Windows (8.1 and 2012 R2).

If you choose "Load Optimal Defaults" from BIOS it will enable on defaults some improvements:
  • Hot Swap HDD
  • SATA II (3.0GBps on all SATA ports)
  • ACPI v3.0


Attached Files
.rom   O41100113.rom (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 2,060)
.zip (Size: 2.44 MB / Downloads: 1,654)
Hi all, as a newbie on this site I'm not sure wots wot. I'm looking for the best mod for a proliant N40L server, or will the N54L mod work fine? thanks guys.
(09-09-2014, 04:14 AM)andygr54 Wrote: Hi all, as a newbie on this site I'm not sure wots wot.

Hi Andy,

guess the zip is the original HP file and the .rom is the modded ROM-image.
So in worst case you have both, original and modded ROM. Smile


Thanks for the great work on the BIOS first of all!

Thinking about buying an N54L and using the ODD-bay for the included HDD but I am thinking about the SATA-cable.

Will an "ordinary" angled SATA-cable (i.e. right-angled in both ends) be the best both in terms of the harddrive at the top and at the motherboard on the bottom?
Can I even run a SATA-cable on the right (when facing the server from the front) side from the motherboard?

Saw this guide and that got me thinking:

So I already will buy an angled SATA-Molex power adapter but stuck on which type (i.e. which angle and how both ends should be angled) of SATA-cable I should buy.
Guess it will do with even an ordinary (straight) cable but if I could buy a better solution from the start I will of course do that.

You guys think a 50cm cable should work (from the motherboard and then to the left or right of the inside of the chassi and then to the ODD-bay)?

This might seem as a silly question but like my cables to be drawn nice and not having any stress on them or the connectors they are plugged in to.

Extremely grateful for your insight / TheSwede86
Hi all,

My name is Philippe, and I'm reading numerous post for now to build a NAS base on HP N54L with modded BIOS. I saw in the forum that 4 To drives are unofficially compatible with HP N54L motherboard, but does someone knows if the last modded bios ensures compatibility with new WD Red 6 To drives too ?
Thanks in advance.
Awesome just Bios modded my N54L to get full speed on 5th sata port lovely to see an extra over 100 MB/sec on read and write on my SSD

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