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How to update vBIOS for Clevo W110ER?
First, full credit and a big thanks to Prema for the superb work on the modded BIOS for the Clevo W110ER. I have one of the last production cycle of the W110ER and am experiencing graphics problems with the dGPU. By flashing back and forth between the stock and Prema Mod v3 (standard edition), I believe I've narrowed down the problem to be the vBIOS. With the stock BIOS (v80.07.58.00.A1), the dGPU performs without any problems, but with the v3 (v80.07.14.00.A6) the dGPU graphics problems can be consistently reproduced.

How does one perform a vBIOS update on the W110ER? Is it possible to extract the UEFI vBIOS information from the stock version to replace the older one on the v3? Does it involve updating the oROM (Link ID 10de,0fd1) alone, or in association with another firmware module? If so, can anyone help with the Vol/File Index, FileName or the GUID of the UEFI vBIOS module that needs to be updated?

Extremely grateful for any and all assistance on this matter.

2 Attachments:
1. W110ER - Clevo stock BIOS
2. W11ER119 - Prema's Mod v3 (standard edition)

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.94 MB / Downloads: 126)
.zip (Size: 1.93 MB / Downloads: 153)
sorry to reply to an old thread but you could elaborate on the imgur guide pics?

as the files attached are not .bin files that the images reference.

nvm figured it out.
I can't see guide images, but either edit batch file to match your current BIOS name.extension, or rename BIOS extension to .bin
BIOS named .xx with numbers are usually .bin BIOS anyway, so rename to bin or rom is fine.

Drop your BIOS in UEFITool first though, and make sure you do not see Capsule/encapsulated at the top in middle. If you do, right click, extract body and name it .bin, that would be your .bin file to use.
yeah i couldn't see the images either, must be an adblock or site issue or both..

works if you look @

I managed to extract the vbios, modify it in the kepler bios tweaker, replaced the .rom file in the dump folder and saved the bios but after flashing gpu-z still shows the same clocks as before the mod.

i came across this thread to only modify the vbios to raise the clocks for a test, just not sure why the changes didn't show up in gpu-z Sad ?

i can extract the vbios again from the modded bios and open it in the kepler tweaker prog and the changes are there, not sure what to do.

any ideas?
I disabled my ad blocks, and used another browser too, I was thinking maybe some server issue
Upload the package you used to flash with, including your mod BIOS exactly as you used it to flash with, and also stock BIOS + batch file and all files in the update folder. If you used same name for stock BIOS as mod BIOS, put mod BIOS into a sep folder so I know which is mod BIOS.
Maybe I can see what's going on you missed?
hi, i attached the tools i used (in one folder with bios files in two seperate folders) prema bios v3 untouched & my modified bios + dump folder with modified vbios rom.

hope that helps, being tinkering all day trying to work out why it flashes fine but doesn't show my edit, found latest version of phoenix 2.66 tool but haven't tried it yet.

the tools included are phoenix tool 2.19, mmtool and kepler bios tweaker 1.27

Attached Files
.zip   w110er_v3_bios(s)_& (Size: 9.73 MB / Downloads: 53)
Wow, that's all way too much stuff! I don't need any tools, and all that makes it very confusing. Please repackage only stock BIOS package, as it comes from the manufacturer, including all files originally in it's folder. Then in separate folder include your mod BIOS as used, and any edited batch file you used

I was thinking maybe you needed to edit the batch file for your new BIOS name, or remove original BIOS and replace with your edited BIOS using same original name. If you did all that properly, then no need for new package upload. Let me check your vBIOS edit/replacements. You did see there's three vBIOS correct?

I see several errors in mod BIOS, not present in original BIOS error lists, extra incorrect checksum (@vBIOS nvidia) and an unaligned microcode file. Looks like bad mod to me, lucky it flashed OK and was bootable.
[Image: uLYtDHd.png]

Send me your modified vBIOS files only and I will redo mod into stock BIOS for you.

You only edited max boost clock, not base clock speed, did you realize that?
Here is your BIOS with vBIOS correctly inserted, rename as needed I forgot to rename
i thought there was only one vbios as the guide from the imgur link made it look like there was just one rom to edit, guess that's why it didn't work.

C5D7EAAD-B218-482C-A909-E3B8CDB00E94_648.ROM is the file i edited, do you happen to know the name of the other file?
sorry a bit of n00b when it comes to bios modding, i just wanted to see if i could squeeze anymore performance out of this old thing, it's a hobby fiddling with old computers.

about the base clock should i be increasing that as well as the boost clock?

also i found the bios folder in the dump folder which i missed, two files open in mmtool and both have an identical vbios with the original settings, do i mod all 3 to get it working?

thanks for the help btw, starting to feel less of a n00b now. i mostly just build computers and do case mods, never really got into bios modding, till now.

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