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IPIEL-LA3: Request to inject Xeon microcode to HP BIOS
Appreciate your input.
practical solution is just to revert to a core 2 quad
I tried one last thing: just to check that its not a size error I deleted several dual core microcodes from your modded bios with mmtool D-B, then tried afudos afgain. But no luck.
I've installed a Q8300. It's slower but everything is tickety-boo. I think this mobo is problematical, the comment on delidded indicated as much.Fan issue probably related to c-state settings and these are inaccessible with this mobo + bios.
Hello I have a hp 3010 sf and am trying to fit a xeon e5450. Is this you have posted a modded image for my case ? Pegatron 2A94h motherboard

Thanks in Advance  Cool

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