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Lenovo G575 (4383) EC and BIOS images
I have a Lenovo G575 (4383), AMD based, with what I believe to be an InsydeH20 UEFI, but it won't boot (won't even POST), and the Fn+B recovery option does not work any more, following a failed attempt at recovery.  I suspect that the BIOS and/or EC is corrupt and needs reflashing the hard way with a SOIC clip and flashrom.

Please can anyone provide EC and UEFI images, or tell me how to extract them both from the Lenovo firmware updates on their site, so that I can give it a final try before consigning it to the junk pile?  According to the schematics (attached, in case someone else finds them useful), I think the UEFI image should be 2048K and the EC image should be 128K, which, when you add those two numbers together, happens to be the file size of the rom image inside the .exe that Lenovo have on their site.  I can't figure out how to use Phoenix tool to extract what I need, though.

[edit: mods, I think i've posted this in the wrong place - please can you relocate it?]

Attached Files
.pdf   compal_la-6755p,_la-6757p_r1.0_schematics.pdf (Size: 2.54 MB / Downloads: 1)
It's actually pretty easy, you just need to have WinRAR or 7zip (both are free and can be found easily online).

Then you right click the .exe file and click on "Extract to <<number giberish>>"

And you're done!

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