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MSI GT60 2PE Dominator EC Firmware Recovery?
I bricked my laptop (MSI GT60 2PE) while trying to update the EC firmware and now it won’t boot past the MSI logo. I cannot access BIOS at all Angry . It seems the system wasn't powered off long enough for the EC firmware to reset after flashing. I wrote down the BIOS and EC before flashing:
BIOS: E6F41MS.50V (didn’t touch)
EC: 16F4EMS1 v. 7.13 (trying to update to 16F4EMS1 v. 717)
I have tried:
1.    Resetting EC by removing battery and power supply and pressing power button for 1-2 minutes.
2.    Pressing F3 five times immediately after boot.
3.    Removing all hard drives and optical drives. Boots to a stationary cursor.
4.    With hard drives and optical drives removed, I copied the firmware into a USB thumb drive formatted into FAT 32, plugged it into the only USB 2 port, rebooted the system, which still couldn’t detect the drive
MSI and local computer repair shop all suggest a new motherboard, so I’m here seeking any help  Rolleyes

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