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Modded H20 Insyde for Compaq CQ41 (switchable graphics)

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : Compaq CQ41
-Bios Revision : F.0C, 1409/140A
-Bios Type : Insyde
-Bios Link :

enabling dormant switchable graphics

The CQ41 has switchable graphics and an extra multibay sata port as shown by the schematic. I've investigate enabling the switchable graphics here but not found a solution as yet.

The DSDT table does include a switchable graphics section if the IGP 0:2.0 is enabled. Enabling it after bios bootup with 'setpci -s 0:0.0 54.l=8:8' enables the IGP but can't configure it since the chipset locks those bits out. Even if I could it would be somewhat pointless. The device enable pins are used to switch the LVDS mux. Disabling the primary video card might help there but Win7 doesn't allow the use of a secondary card without the primary bootup video card active. So can't do a manual workaround.

The more expensive dv4-2000 uses the same bios, but does enable switchable graphics. The decompressed bios also shows it uses the HD4550 vbios file (550/800) rather than the HD4350 vbios (450/800), so there must be some code somewhere that checks for the dv4-2000 systemboard and activates different stuff for it. Now if I can hijaak that code to do the same for the CQ41..

ez2ho has a iGPU/dGPU option. Selecting iGPU doesn't enable the IGP.

extra sata port

There is an extra multibay sata port that appears the dv4 connects it's optical drive to, so likely enables that port. On the CQ41 only sata ports0, 1 and 4 are enabled. 0 and 1 are presumably the HDD and optical drive connector, with 4 being the e-sata port. I'd like to enable the extra port (5 or 6)

Enabling it after bootup with command below again doesn't work.

setpci -s 0:1f.2 92.l=60:60

This doesn't work even if I try to disable the sata port (function disable register: RCBA+3418h), then write to it. Seems the bits are locked after they've been written to once after a reset.

I'd like to mod in an internal mPCIe sata SSD using the more convenient multibay pins rather than using the e-sata pins.

Any Insyde BIOS gurus out there that can point to how I can do, or unlock the equivalent PCI writes above in the BIOS?


There arent many Insyde gurus in the general community - not much has leaked (only 1 tool which is alright but nowhere near perfect) , and i myself can not help you here Sad

Made some more progress. I opened the bios up using ez2h2o then was able to come up with the list of modules and the order in which they are loaded. Some modules had string names I could find in the bios, others I had to view the module itself to try and figure out. Still haven't been able to figure out the issue but a step in the right direction..

2D2E62CF-9ECF-43B7-8219-94E7FC713DFE [Generic USB keyboard Driver]
9FB4B4A7-42C0-4BCD-8540-9BCC6711F83E [usbmassstorage]
2D2E62AA-9ECF-43B7-8219-94E7FC713DFE [usbmouse]
BDFE430E-8F2A-4DB0-9991-6F856594777E [ehci]
2FB92EFA-2EE0-4BAE-9EB6-7464125E1EF7 [uhci]
240612B7-A063-11D4-9A3A-0090273FC14D [usbbus]
A07BC61D-D199-497B-9C64-D954DCA26490 [??]
5552575A-7E00-4D61-A3A4-F7547351B49E [smmbase]
9CC55D7D-FBFF-431C-BC14-334EAEA6052B [smmcoredispatcher]
7FED72EE-0170-4814-9878-A8FB1864DFAF [smmrelocate]
ABB74F50-FD2D-4072-A321-CAFC72977EFA [peismmrelocate]
8D3BE215-D6F6-4264-BEA6-28073FB13AEA [smmthunk]
7C79AC8C-5E6C-4E3D-BA6F-C260EE7C172E [smmruntime]
981A25E0-0D83-436D-9184-C1AA53BB143A [smmoemservicedriver]

** EDA39402-F375-4496-92D3-83B43CB8A76A [ RAM, CQ41/DV4/CQ36/DV3 strings ] **

1323C7F8-DAD5-4126-A54B-7A05FBF41515 [??]
8D6756B9-E55E-4D6A-A3A5-5E4D72DDF772 [??]
EFFC8F05-B526-4EB5-B36B-8CD889923C0C [??]
BFD59D42-FE0F-4251-B772-4B098A1AEC85 [??]
C194C6EA-B68C-4981-B64B-9BD271474B20 [??]
27F4917B-A707-4AAD-9676-26DF168CBF0D [??]
FC1B7640-3466-4C06-B1CC-1C935394B5C2 [??]
90CB75DB-71FC-489D-AACF-943477EC7212 [??]
A0BAD9F7-AB78-491B-B583-C52B7F84B9E0 [??]
E052D8A6-224A-4C32-8D37-2E0AE162364D [??]
59287178-59B2-49CA-BC63-532B12EA2C53 [??]
C1C418F9-591D-461C-82A2-B9CD96DFEA86 [??]
BB1FBD4F-2E30-4793-9BED-74F672BC8FFE [??]
5D9BA9B0-A74B-4B58-BE58-5F1D3C3ED562 [??]
C7EA9787-CA0A-43B4-B1E5-25EF87391F8D [??]
92C402F5-B3EC-463B-870D-2D77922F21DC [??]
DE23ACEE-CF55-4FB6-AA77-984AB53DE823 [ Azalia / soundcard bios? ]
271DD6F2-54CB-45E6-8585-8C923C1AC706 [ PCH init ]
2374EDDF-F203-4FC0-A20E-61BAD73089D6 [??]
B0D6ED53-B844-43F5-BD2F-61095264E77E [??]
BB65942B-521F-4EC3-BAF9-A92540CF60D2 [ PCH SATA driver ]
B017C09D-EDC1-4940-B13E-57E95660C90F [ AHCI BIOS ]
501737AB-9D1A-4856-86D3-7F1287FA5A55 [ RAID BIOS ]
D16FB508-BE35-437F-9CCA-2EA65F13D08D [??]
27835690-BEBE-4929-BC60-94D77C6862F7 [??]
1B568E04-8849-4298-8588-8D31C737C7E4 [??]
B546CC4F-851F-4C46-AA9F-F1B9178BC9CE [ HDD SMART, wifi detect, plus errors detect ]
1E469095-EFC8-4147-97DB-4D68B727E2E0 [ firmwareblockservice]
74D936FA-D8BD-4633-B64D-6424BDD23D24 [smmfwblocksevice]
30C259A4-33BF-4B11-9621-F9BB0CA5541B [ cmos byte checker ?]
A4823A5C-5C7C-4D34-B228-201322B104EE [ cmos byte checker ?]
1967DD9B-B72C-4328-8C80-D4ACFC83FDF8 [pci hot plug]
FCDCB9C2-7987-47DF-A9A7-BE3DBA52D50C [ external EFI shell ]
F7B0E92D-AB47-4A1D-8BDE-41E529EB5A70 [ unlockKey Insyde BIOS ]
FE3542FE-C1D3-4EF8-657C-8048606FF670 [ SetupUtility]
94EDD12A-419B-447F-9434-9B3B70783903 [ dxeplatform]
FDA14FA3-AFFC-469A-B7BB-34BCDD4AC096 [ platformIDE]
F7731B4C-58A2-4DF4-8980-5645D39ECE58 [powermanagement2]
161BE597-E9C5-49DB-AE50-C462AB54EEDA [powermanagementACPItables2]
77A6009E-116E-464D-8EF8-B35201A022DD [digitalthermalsensor]
99C20A37-042A-46E2-80F4-E4027FDBC86F [smmplatform]
7B7B65B6-E350-4139-8FE4-665772D32A47 [ihisi]
30806658-1E9C-4A13-971E-707A69E958C8 [int15microcode]
CC1BAA36-11EB-45CC-9ADC-7565E273AC70 [smmpnp]
5959E027-BAB0-4342-AA4B-8F73F017B484 [??]
51BD0E01-A96B-4674-9D93-F7D4E0E99521 [??]
EAF59C0E-BD46-413A-9AE9-DD9F6D1A927D [Smbios]
EF0C99B6-B1D3-4025-9405-BF6A560FE0E0 [MiscSubClass]

708B48E3-FF04-42CE-8DBA-46CE6950D7AD [syspassword]
FD0221F3-E519-4925-B406-3858BB430F26 [passwordconsole]
98E16629-D3CA-49B3-AF11-30BE8AD14312 [hddpasswordservicebody]
FCD337AB-B1D3-4EF8-957C-8048606FF670 [Hiidatabase]
4F921013-4F71-4C6C-BCF8-419B2B801932 [ oemsetupbrowser ]
E2EAE962-C492-4CA4-A11F-1A7CBB050A41 [English]
E2EAE962-C492-4CA4-A11F-1A7CBB050A42 [??]
875F4197-2AFC-42F5-B090-4DF03B1DA613 [??]
E2EAE962-C492-4CA4-A11F-1A7CBB050A40 [??]
B273CC44-E62A-41DC-9CAD-BDB4235459D8 [unicodecollation]
51CCF399-4FDF-4E55-A45B-E123F84D456A [conplatform]
408EDCEC-CF6D-477C-A5A8-B4844E3DE281 [consplitter]
CCCB0C28-4B24-11D5-9A5A-0090273FC14D [ Graphics console driver ]
BF89F10D-B205-474F-96E3-7A7BB1B4A407 [ VGA Class driver ]
506533A6-E626-4500-B14F-17939C0E5B60 [ Intel 2.0 ? ]
7E374E25-8E01-4FEE-87F2-390C23C606CD [ DSDT ]
AFC04099-0D39-405D-BE46-846F08C51A31 [ ACPIPlatform ]
53BCC14F-C24F-434C-B294-8ED2D4CC1860 [ DataHUB ]
CA515306-00CE-4032-874E-11B755FF6866 [ DataHubStdErr ]
7E0C6E3E-C80F-47D1-8ADA-554926B2B6B3 [??]]
CA261A26-7718-4B9B-8A07-5178B1AE3A02 [diskIO ]
961578FE-B6B7-44C3-AF35-6BC705CD2B1F [ FAT ]
43B93232-AFBE-11D4-BD0F-0080C73C8881 [ Partition ]
C783CC01-82AE-48A2-A5FF-54C5B3A0E04D [ ?? ]
1EA0C802-8758-41D0-9176-6E1ABE13DD37 [ ?? - has PaddingXX strings]
9FF956FE-7E07-487B-ACAC-185EE6367EAC [ public key certificate ]
69BBBB05-8452-4350-803B-2D06F111D0C6 [??]
A6DD304A-7B84-4B28-B77D-F9DB29ABFE90 [??]
E2441B64-7EF4-41FE-B3A3-8CAA7F8D3017 [pciplatform]
340AD445-06EF-43F1-8997-FCD67FC27EF0 [?? ]
4FA68826-0CA1-4D05-A4F0-EE9C1EA42F06 [?? ]
79CA4208-BBA1-4A9A-8456-E1E66A81484E [legacy8259]
400B4476-3081-11D6-87ED-00062945C3B9 [?? ]
5479662B-6AE4-49E8-A6BD-6DE4B625811F [bioskeyboard]
29CF55F8-B675-4F5D-8F2F-B87A3ECFD063 [biosvideo]
27BEDA18-AE2B-43C2-AF6B-74952441DE28 [monitorkey]
F122A15C-C10B-4D54-8F48-60F4F06DD1AD [legacybios]
F84CFFF4-511E-41C8-B829-519F5152F444 [legacybiosplatform]
1547B4F3-3E8A-4FEF-81C8-328ED647AB1A [legacy16]
B66CC621-A6A3-431D-90E4-E956C5C6E8C5 [computrace]
B246672E-71A8-453E-A0F2-95DECD7A1B86 [battery/system/HDD serial number check]
4D67310C-374C-4504-99F6-6DAD2FC20959 [ INTEL IRONLAKE IGP BIOS - BT MODE ]
C7EE0A2B-364C-42F0-B04B-5303C4207DD9 [ HD4550 VBIS: 550/800 ]
42DDB85D-E87A-4338-A2AD-2ECE85F9B6C3 [ HD4350 VBIOS: 450/800 ]
0D49F0CC-4706-4885-B982-2CDF69016136 [ DEVICE VMLOADER ]
F1AA7D55-BC36-44B7-ACF5-3ED87AB2D83E [??]
CC6AEC42-4EAB-469B-9916-B1FA428E9E59 [??]
55E76644-78A5-4A82-A900-7126A5798892 [Intel ME ignition firmware]
921CD783-3E22-4579-A71F-00D74197FCC8 [??]
DCAA4B60-408F-4BAD-99B9-B880D4EF0950 [??]
E9490AD8-348C-4E65-BABA-ED14C616C414 [ USB port driver ]
1A1E2341-A2FB-42C7-8D17-3073D08EB21D [RSA1]
DD6569A7-E455-4EE5-B2BA-ECDA84ACBC99 [ SLIC 2.1 ]
EF33C296-F64C-4146-AD04-347899702C84 [SmmUSBLegacy]
3F3B4659-2B57-4BAF-BB68-EBCF505AAC2D [ EEPROM strings - bootblock recovery? ]
E62F9F2F-4895-4AB5-8F1A-399D0D9C6B90 [ wifi whitelist + 104 error ]
7FA4AE0A-1404-4DCC-BE28-CE58029CF5D1 [ wwan whitelist ]
E3932A34-5729-4F24-9FB1-D7409B456A15 [ oembadgingsupport ]
609DDF84-0816-46AA-92E8-3ED9A7AFC4CA [ bitmap - HP]
1B89F194-A09E-40B8-AA27-C12AD0023C48 [ bitmap - Compaq ]
C48C562D-57C1-4742-9BE4-676D10B99ACD [ Realtek PXE ]
21F77542-513D-436C-9D51-6B9C8AEB5A58 [ Realtek PXE ]

nice research , thats how we do our wwan whitelist removal , just deleting the right modules if they exist is usually enough to make it disappear! : D

(10-02-2010, 05:43 AM)1234s282 Wrote: nice research , thats how we do our wwan whitelist removal , just deleting the right modules if they exist is usually enough to make it disappear! : D

I found that trick on the web and deleted the wifi module. Still go the error 104 of unsupported wifi card detected. So the latest Insyde BIOS probably checks some data to confirm the whitelisting module actually ran.

Back to the main course. My research eventually led me to the DV3/CQ36 bios. I copied the CQ41 EC + DV3 bios and flashed it. It works. DV3 only ever had either switchable graphics or Intel graphics. On my setup it's still HD4350 enabled. Conclusion then is it's very likely the IGP has been locked out at a hardware level by not connecting say the IGP_enable line to the MUX?? Will need to do some hardware probing.

Just a followup, I found the systemboard itself is missing the mux to allow switchable graphics. So no amount to bios modding can ever possibly enable it.

Hi nando4 !

I have a Acer 5741G that would like to have switchable graphics on so badly, you have to excuse me for being a noob here.

But may I ask how you found out if it´s even possible to make it happen? Pherhaps there´s something hardware related that will stop me as well?

I do belive my discrete Nvidia GT320M have support for Nvidia Optimus, but that is basicly what I know.
(11-02-2010, 12:16 PM)turkskurk Wrote: Hi nando4 !

I have a Acer 5741G that would like to have switchable graphics on so badly, you have to excuse me for being a noob here.

But may I ask how you found out if it´s even possible to make it happen? Pherhaps there´s something hardware related that will stop me as well?

I do belive my discrete Nvidia GT320M have support for Nvidia Optimus, but that is basicly what I know.

Hi my friend! Did u manage to change yours? I'd a Aspire 7720 with a Nvidia 8600m and changed to a NVidia 9300m. They gave me the rom from the patch into bios...but dont know how to do it. Can someone help me pleeeeeeasssseeee.

PS - I installed the e20 editor...there is a Video Rom replace option..but it gives me many Guid...dont know witch one to choose



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