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Older but goodie? Wait .. no ... T180 with 7750 cpu?
Well I have this computer for a while... 

Its an old Acer T180 with the MCP61PM board.  Ive already found the abit bios mod.   Havent done it yet.   Before I found this forum I had already thrown in an Athlon 5200+ windsor 4gb of ram (2 were supposed to be dual speed 667/800 and 2 are 800 but 2 only seem to run 667... Dram freq is 326mhz) as well as a 600w bronze power supply and a 6700 series video card.    Ive also already put 2 new case fans in the computer.   

So heres the actual question.   I was wanting to drop in a 7750 Black am2+ cpu.    Any idea if it will work with the bios mod?  Can get one so cheap its honestly worth the shot. 

And on another question Ive seen the max ram for this board is 4gb.   But seen a couple of times people reporting they have managed to run 8gb on it.  Any confirmation to this? 

I don't believe the 7750 is going to work out in this board - I was never able to get the AM2+ stuff to behave on this chipset properly.

I did get 8GB working on the HP version of this motherboard - I can't think of what would be keeping you from doing this. 4x2GB was a supported configuration on the Nettle2 I believe - ABIT BIOS should also support it. I haven't tested the T180 edition though so am not 100% positive, but the RAM upgrade seems doable, CPU not so much.

Hope this helps.

www find
I can pick up the 6400+ 125w though oddly its double the price. My ram sticks are only 1gb each. Can grab some 2gb sticks though

Is grabbing the 6400+ worth it over the 5200 windsor?
Just decided to grab my works old HP power station and mess with it instead of this computer lol z800 with dual 5570's bit more power to work with lol.

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