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Packard Bell Imedia 9668:Cuba MS-7301:Unlocked With Overclocking Options+Slic2.1
Packard Bell Imedia 9668
Motherboard: Cuba MS-7301
BIOS Version used: W7301VP2.316

New features: unlocked overclocking options + slic2.1
Heres the unlocked new options in the pictures:
-A custom splash screen:
*The keys to enter the bios are still the same(F2,F3&F8) even if its put F3&DEL keys(its wrong).
-Unlocked OC options menu:
-into the menu

How to do:
-You have to download the 2 modded bios
-Rename the unlocked+slic2.1 bios: W7301VP2-B2.BIN to W7301VP2.316 .
-Replace the only slic2.1 bios file named W7301VP2.316 with the one that you renamed in the unlocked+slic2.1 bios.
-Then you make a bootable USB stick and put this files in the USB stick.Restart your computer on the USB stick, the bios will be flashed at your own risk.

link for the unlocked+slic2.1 bios:
link for the only slic2.1 bios:
Tuto for bootable USB stick/CD/DVD:

A special thanks to 1234s282 & TheWiz!

Only one question:
Why I can't find anywhere support for this stuppit pc? I checked in Packard Bell Sad nor in MSI!
Using the CPUID to identify all components I went to msi and the support there, and I got this
Is this the right one? It looks simillar but not exactly! The bios listed there is 7255?!
Btw, where did u get this bios from???
Thanks for replying!
Hey tsetso support for this pc was disponible until I think last year and they cleaned up their website( they removed the old packard bell computers support).So there is no more support for this pc.Sad
Sorry i cant tell you if its the same but I dont think so.
& the bios I got it when it was on packard bell website I think in 2007-2008.

Here is the strange problem I have with this pc. I changed the windows from Vista to Win7. At the beginning everything was fine the computer ran ok with my 19 inch monitor and when I moved it to the 22 inch monitor it began restarting every time when it begins to load the windows! Restarting, gets to the point where it loads Win7 and restarting again Sad I was looking on the MSI web site, because they produced the motherboard for PB and there was an update for BIOS (for similar motherboard) saying that fixes support for 1400X900 resolution!
I was wondering it is possible the change of monitor to cause the instability and restarts? Could it be related to the bios in some way?

Im not an expert but did you tryed to put back the 19 inch monitor,what it do?
What graphic card do you have,maybe its the graphic card?
Did you overclocked you pc?return to default if so.
What bios version do you have now:msi one? or the pb V3.16 one?

O and i dont think is a bios problem cause you get til w7 starting but then it retart.
When you put the bigger screen at the beginning was it starting normal or it always been like this?

Do you have an empty partition, maybe if you reinstal your system it could work cause maybe is drivers problem,some bad installation of drivers can cause this too.
If you dont have an empty partition, try to boot with linux without installing it, if it boot then we'll know its not hardware problem.

When i put back the 19 inch it started again, after a system restore (caused by the numerous crashes with the 22 inch) and it work just fine, for hours.
Drivers are not the issues since the W7 has very good drivers and updates + it run fine before the switch.
The bios ver is .315 the older one, by Phoenix Tech.
Everything is running on default settings, no mods.
Lastly, it run fine on Windows Vista with the 22 inch!
So strange!!! I am really confused Sad
The last one that i found on pb website years ago was v3.16 you should try this one.
I only have the slic2.1 added version of v3.16 now:

And try ubuntu on cd without installing it so it can help us to know if its W7 problem.Cause i really think that a driver or something got corrupted.Do you mind to reinstall w7?If vista worked than there is no reason it dont work with w7.
or install another w7 on another partition which is not used, its the best way to know if the other w7 is broken. Use the 22 inch monitor when you'll reinstall w7.

Hi, Everybody!

I' m a new hier. I changed a new bios it's working fine! But I don't have to use processzor e4500 c2dou. /e6300 CPU c2duo working fine /
ms-7301 mobo can use e4500 Cpu?

many thanks: limess!
(02-11-2011, 03:10 PM)limess Wrote: Hi, Everybody!

I' m a new hier. I changed a new bios it's working fine! But I don't have to use processzor e4500 c2dou. /e6300 CPU c2duo working fine /
ms-7301 mobo can use e4500 Cpu?

many thanks: limess!

Please post a request in the CPU UPgrade sub-froum using this modded bios as a download link

Hi, could you tell me if in the modified version of BIOS is still support for only 3GB RAM? Thanks.

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