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[Project] SHE and AHCI BIOS mod for ASUS EeePC 1000H
Hi everybody and thanks for your work.

I've flashed the GTX bios to my eeepc 1000h, but i can't make the 2ghz work with linux (I'm using ubuntu 12.04). I've tested in win7 and it reaches the 2GHz while in linux I've tried with jupiter app and even with the phctool but with no success.
acpitool and cpufreq utils still gives me 1600 Mhz as upper limit...

First: the GTX bios has a critical issue!! It works on the first boot but after shutdown or reboot the bios doesn't initialize the hard disk (I have the ordinary 160 Gb SATA disk sold with the pc)
So I moved to the GTS mod and I've found out that i was completely wrong...The overclock works !!! but the most of the reporting tools show the defaut value, but indicators like dmesg and bogomips refers to the 1800 Mhz of the GTS mod

Is there a solution for the GTX bios? Its' still in development ? Is there hope yet?

It worked once, but I can't figure out how...
I also noticed the restart issue with the GTS & GTX mods. But what I found most critical is the fact that hibernate doesn't work - error writing to disk after wakeup(W7) . Not sure whether this is related with AHCI or SHE though...
i upgraded my 1000h to a new Mushkin Chronos ssd.
How do you flash the Modbios? Is there an instruction? I tried flashing it with Alt+F2 Method but the bios was not recognized. (Renamed it to 1000h.ROM)
thanks in advance
Ok i did it.. had the wrong format on the usp stick.!
Thx a lot for the mod. Works great and my 1000h feels like almost brandnew with the ssd@ahci and win7 Ultimate Wink (Revision 2204GTS)
The only issue i can confirm is that reboot takes a little longer than normal.
Hibernation mode works so far and doesnt crash after waking it up.
However i cannot decide whether i use the modded version of eeectl or SHE. Whats better?
For those who are searching all the files needed to get the Hotkeys (FN-Tasten) to work i uploaded them to Deposit
I will keep this thread in sight and hope for further development.
Hey all,
Is there any chance of getting AHCI support on the 1000HD? I tried using 2204GTS-2 but I got a ROM id error when I tried installing it. I have an SSD (Vertex2Pro) and I'd like to install Arch Linux on it (don't have Win7 and don't care for it). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA
noob question, where do you find the 'she settings.' couldn't find them digging around my bios. thanks
Hello. Further noob question. Will be upgrading to Win7 with Sandisk Sata2 SSD on my 1000H. Is it safe to use SHE v2.20 (latest I think from end of last year) with any of the three bios options, or only GT? Is it compatible? Thanks.
Hi there & many thanks to all that make up this Miracle Smile
I'm going to update my 1000H with your BIOS'es but which one is more Stable ?
And.. where can I find the drivers of 1000H for Win7 x86 (32-Bit) Ultimate ???
Thanks 4 all.
Error: BIOS does not support AFU, i habe Asus 1000H, can anybody explain it? thanks, OK solved! Try with Hold Alt+F2 at powerup. !!!
Will any of these work on a 1000HE?

If not, where can I find similar mods (SHE mods)?

does it can work on a 1000ha directly?


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