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[REQUEST] Asus GL702VMK bios unlock
Hi everyone,
I've got the Asus ROG GL702VMK with the i7-7700HQ Kaby Lake ("K" is for Kaby Lake) and a GTX1060 6GB VRAM.
Here is the dump of the latest firmware (v303) for the board:
Could anyone please help me unlocking the hidden settings of the 303 firmware ?
TIA and best,

Lordnight  Wink
Do you have flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip cable?
Hi Lost_N_BIOS and thanks for replying,
ehm … not yet … are they needed ?

Lordnight Wink
No, it's not needed, but best if you have in advance before using any mod BIOS (or stock too), in case things go wrong.

BIOS lock is enabled on this BIOS, so you need to disable that first before you can flash mod BIOS via FPT. You can use my guide below, start at step #6, since I've done steps #1-5 for you and info follows

BIOS Lock variable you need to edit is >> 0x8E2
Your .efi file needs to be named >> Shell.efi

So at grub prompt you'll type the following >> setup_var 0x8E2 0x0

Setup_var/Grub guide

This BIOS is new to me, and I recently tried to unlock a similar model and use said 0% luck on 100 different files I sent him, the unlocking methods are same/similar to 1000's of other BIOS I have unlocked with 100% success previously, so I am not sure if maybe something was wrong on his end, or indeed there is something I'm missing on these models or doing that's not needed that may cause everything after that to fail to unlock. So, if you don't mind, I would like to do this unlock for you one step at a time, so I can see if something done early on causes all the rest of the unlock to fail (instead of doing the required 6-8 edits all at once)

If you'd rather not do that, then I can PM feluchi and see if he will step in here and send you mod instead? Or, I can do all steps at once and send you the BIOS and you see, but then if it fails to unlock we have to work backwards and try to find the cause of failure to unlock and that's a lot of test flashes too.

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