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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
I've come to the conclusion that this whole thing will be more time and effort than it'll ultimately be worth.

And there probably won't be any significant real world difference between the current 2400mhz maximum supported memory, and anything you're able to use once the locked features are unlocked.

I however did notice a significant difference by populating the empty RAM slot, with gains including 1,000pts in Timespy and 15fps gain in Grand Theft Auto 5. You can OC the processor with Ryzen Master, and technically the RX 580 can be flashed with the same tools that cryprocoin miners use to flash their cards to break the 1077mhz lock (but I'm too much of a chicken to try it because if I brick the GPU firmware, there's no backup).

Lost_N_BIOS, you easily earned the rep point I gave you, thank you for cracking at this, and any further work you do to help the OP. But I'm feeling that if this BIOS was crackable, it would've been done by now in this computer's nearly year and a half existence. I think I'm not going to worry about this anymore.

Keep up the good work everyone!
Does CPU-z show you memory running at 2400Mhz (or 1200) now? If yes, your BIOS can set up to 4000Mhz

Flash programmer is cheap if you ever change your mind, order one now and in 3-5 weeks when it arrives you'll be ready to do it then!

BIOS can be unlocked, I'm looking at the locked settings right now and know how to enable them, but flashing in modified BIOS is the hurdle you need to overcome first. And yes, in a year and a half, I'm sure plenty of people have unlocked this BIOS, it's easy to unlock, and many know how to unlock FD or flash with programmer so I'm sure there's plenty of people out there right now using it unlocked.

Thanks for the rep, I appreciate it!
I have ordered a flash programmer will take a looks at it when i get it.
OK, send me PM when you get it, if you reply here and I miss your post. Do not write anything to the chip once programmer arrives, until we talk again, so I can help you safely get a backup image taken with the programmer, and verify that it's complete and valid backup. Then you can write.
[Image: Bktdan.png][Image: JVNg4i.png][Image: r9cKga.png]

Yeah appears to be running at rated speeds.

However Ryzen itself has a memory speed limitation if I recall correctly, and depending on what ASUS baked on, support for SO-DIMMs at a higher speed may be dodgy. I've seen some say that Ryzen 7 1700 can handle up to 3600mhz, however the only kit I can find on Newegg is a 32gb kit (4x 8gb) at 3600mhz.
It can be done by unlocking the AMD CBS menu for you (Double these), which is what I planned to do anyway originally, since your main BIOS did not have any real memory related settings in the stock setup. once you have CBS menu you can set all the tons of usual memory timings, settings etc.
[Image: WiLdKpE.png]
I think I got it to flash using the method here:
and the, the one without the bios.

What new options should I be Seeing?
No errors and system booted as it should i am assuming?
No Errors, and system did boot per usual. still running, I am even typing this on the machine now.
yeah i just tried it my self looks like it did the write but the .rom file seems to have added nothing new. I still have all the same menus I had before no new options in advanced but it did seem to write the bios as it should.

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