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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
yup they do know it was a bad bios flash but they also dimpled the case thanks to not noticing that some of the screws are longer then others. so going well i suppose. lol
Crappy support people, if you would have reached a nice one they would have helped, or at least should have! Sending out key/cap combo would have been super cheap for them, any support person should have been trained to do that easily to keep customer happy.

I don't care about off-topic Smile Don't know how the mods feel around here though, I'm new to the site Big Grin

So, lots of people looking and no one enabled yet? Did you find other threads here, or elsewhere, where people are asking for mod BIOS and no one could do it? If yes, did they send out test BIOS where they tried to enable?

They bent the case? How do you know, did you get it back already?
I spent a good part of 2 hours looking at Google searches of various sites looking to see if anyone has cracked this tough nut yet, and here is the first place I've found that someone has actively been trying to work on it. This isn't a very popular laptop model thanks to the price to performance and a rather niche market.
Nope have not gotten it back yet but i had to get some data off the hard drives so they pull the drives for me and then proceeded to put the [censored] back wrong. lol  It censored S-c-r-e-w.
Hopefully I can get it for you then, and then you can spread around the mod for all owners!

So what.... no [censored] (I guess no ing either) is allowed here, that's not right Big Grin
How are we supposed to put stuff back together after we tear it apart to modify it? Smile
Just put the screws in, duh :p

Gonna look into buying the flashing components.

I assume it's the safest way is flashing at a hardware level?

Found this kit based on your recommendations Lost. The EZP2013 looked intimidating though.

EZP2010 high-speed USB SPI Programmer support24 25 93 EEPROM 25 flash bios chip + SOIC8 SOP8 Test Clip ,
Ahh, so we can use them, but only if they are screws, with no mention of how to put them in Big Grin Thanks!

So EZP2013 is not just updated 2010 version? Every time I've seen it shown, it was just newer updated version, with a few additional extras.

Yes, hardware flashing is safest, because if something fails then you have your backup made before you get started writing anything, and programmer in hand, so you can always recover easily.
So Repair was Denied but not for the Flash. They refused to do the repair because there was a drop of thermal paste on the MB and i had added my own ram upgrade. So they claim that the reason its dead is because of the Thermal paste and not a bad bios flash and ASUS does not warranty that mb because i added my own ram. lol They are going to replace the the damaged part they damaged. and the good news is I now have my flash programmer ch341a with clip. any helpful hints Sir?
Bummer on the RMA, sorry excuse they gave, but they are known for making reasons up to deny. At least they didn't smash it and say you did in shipping, or bend your CPU socket pins and say you did that too.

So you have system back and programmer now, or just programmer and waiting on system?

*Edit, just found your PM -

Here is package with driver and several versions of the software, sometimes you need to try a few until you can get good verified backup from your main system (Any system, all are different)

if your laptop BIOS is W25Q64FV you may need to use CHIP ID W25Q64BV, or visa versa. I mention this because this is a common used chip and this is what I've found regarding that exact chip

Once you can get a verified backup of your Asus, open it in hex and make sure it's not all blank (FF), if it is that's not valid, try again with another version of the software or different chip ID. I always start with latest, or at least 1.30 (Don't like the layout of 1.31 Big Grin)

Once you get a good backup, send here so I can pull out your details (hopefully), then we can put back in another BIOS for you later. To get back up and running, program in the BIOS I posted in post #20 (.rom)
Will be picking up my laptop tomorrow. I take it i can't just use the bios provided by ASUS or the backup i made before i got my self in to this mess?

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