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[REQUEST] Asus ROG Strix GL702ZC BIOS Unlock
Yeah that method bricked my laptop. And it will not error when it does.
Ow, Sorry. Hope you can get it fixed.
I have not created any real mod here, only a quick test on post #11 aimed at chipset only (And enabled a few easily enabled options in menu's you already should have visible). What BIOS are you guys flashing? If you are flashing the BIOS on post #11, see my comments and answer my questions and request there. If you are not seeing the other advanced menu, then the BIOS is probably not flashing in because enabling that is usually a one click easy solution that doesn't need multiple attempts/methods to enable. Anyway, please see post #11 and reply with that info I requested/

Hope you can get your board recovered draklrd!
here what i did.

bios used is from post #20

i used method outlined in post  #27

first try: 

created uefi boot disk.

only did the afugan bios .rom file starting at step 8.
Rebooted after the bios flash completed.
this did nothing that i could see at all. so i did the full flash steps outlined in the flash document.

this included re flashing the un-modded bios.

1. re-flashed the factory bios from asus.
2. verified that no error were displayed. 
3. flashed modded bios from post 20 that did not seem to do anything.
4. verified no errors from flash process and rebooted.

My best guess is that the factory bios did not properly flash the boot block because i think the process outlined wipes the bios fully. And the first time I tried with just the .rom file the system still boot properly and after the full process the system turned on but nothing posts at all.

I Think i will get it repaired via the store warranty because they will just order a warranty part in from ASUS if they can't get the system to post as the warranty work will be done by the store and the laptop will not be sent to ASUS for the work. So I may slither by with a get out of jail free card if not I do have the bios writer on its way with the clip you suggested as well so I may be able to try to re-flash the bios directly if the store says they can't get the part needed.  But I am thinking the only way they will know 100% that it was a modded bios that caused the crap out is if they have a bios writer of there own and check that the code is off. But I doubt that they would dig in to it that far and at that I have a feeling that the process wiped the bios and probably didn't properly write anything back to it and it could be mistaken for a bad flash as it was a bios manufactured flashing tool that was used.  But then I am not a Bios Guru but I am also hoping that the tech that works on it is not to and that they just push through a logic board replacement.
BIOS in post 20 is rom file (2kb smaller than stock .cap file), I am not familiar with the method linked that you used, did it call for .cap file? Anyway, that is same BIOS as post #11, this was only meant as single test for the OP, for us "to get started" on trying to mod his BIOS. They are same BIOS, but packaged differently is all, capsule BIOS contains rom inside security capsule, rom file is plain rom file (Like bin or text etc, plain BIOS file)

This is not a mod BIOS at all, only the very first step I take, with a few single changes in order to see what if anything enabled and or which direction I need to move next in order to start modifying the BIOS to be unlocked. Why were you flashing this BIOS anyway, did you read the thread? I'm not yelling at you or anything like that, just don't understand why anyone would use some random method to flash a BIOS they didn't read about, using that random method outlined elsewhere for other purposes. BIOS flashing is risky, even with stock BIOS, please be careful from now on and right now order a $2.50 CH341A flash programmer and $3.50 SOIC8 test clip and cable, or a kit like EZP2010 or EZP2013. Those will save you any hassles in the future, with trying to flash a BIOS or recover a board from a bad BIOS flash.

I still have not read that guide, but I assume using my first paragraph above, and re-reading the guide again yourself, you might find out why it all failed for you? You do not need to send it in for service, but you can if that's easier for you, it will cost more in shipping though than it would cost you to order recovery tools but they will take 3-5 weeks to arrive unless you pay considerably more for faster shipping or purchasing locally. MicroCenter sells these tools in house surely, I know Newegg does so I bet MicroCenter carries them as well. I couldn't find them on their site though, but they may have in-store if you ask? Ahh! I just read you already ordered programmer Smile Will leave these comments for anyone reading in the future, in case they need to know how to recovery and what to order Smile

"IF" anyone actually services it, instead of sending out a replacement, they will simply reflash the BIOS. Now, they could back it up and look into it, but you know they are always in a hurry to be doing nothing, so easiest path to that is reflash and be done Big Grin
I wouldn't trust ASUS to fix the laptop anyway. They wanted $350 to fix a single broken keyboard KEY CAP that was a factory defect on my model. $24 for a replacement keyboard and an hour and I fixed it myself.

But yeah, I'd only trust what Lost_N_BIOS has to say in this thread. Also thanks for pointing out the model numbers of the flashing hardware components, I was starting to look for them but was going to ask which ones I should look out for after I was hit by a thousand different results.
Well the good news is it won't be ASUS fixing it anyway and no shipping will be involved I have bought laptops and extended warranty's through the store before and had to use them as well all work will be done in house and they are local so at the very least it will be faster then sending to Asus but also there service tech wont even be involved.  although the down side is they did say they have a back log so it may be about a week before its done. about the time i will get it back one way or the other i will have my Programmer by then.
(10-16-2018, 10:27 AM)draklrd Wrote: Well the good news is it won't be ASUS fixing it anyway and no shipping will be involved I have bought laptops and extended warranty's through the store before and had to use them as well all work will be done in house and they are local so at the very least it will be faster then sending to Asus but also there service tech wont even be involved.  although the down side is they did say they have a back log so it may be some time before its done. about the time i will get it back one way or the other i will have my Programmer by then.
So did you just tell them bad BIOS flash? If not, call and have them update your ticket with that, so the tech has it easy knowing the issue and doesn't start ripping things apart testing other stuff first for no reason.

Dammmmm $3xx to fix a keyboard key!? I'd have told them "no thanks, I'm buying a Dell instead and letting everyone know on social media what they offered for a $25 keyboard replacement price" You know they could have replaced just that one key/cap too if the wanted, without even having to replace they keyboard (probably)
Nah I even asked them if they could just send me key caps at my expense. Nope. The scissor mechanism between the original and the replacement were different, and to be honest the Chinese sourced replacement was better than the original.

This is the only laptop in the world that uses a full fat Ryzen 7 1700 and desktop class RX 580, that's why I bought it (and why so many people want the BIOS unlocked mostly for memory management).

I was really hoping the 65w CPUs would've been put in more laptops but ASUS has the only one to my knowledge. The APUs aren't bad however I haven't found any of those with discreet graphics either.

Anyway I'm kinda getting off topic here, sorry!

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