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[REQUEST] Custom Logo for Metabox Alpha-X NH58RD - Clevo - Insyde Bios
Hello, I've recently updated my bios from for my model I chose I've succesfully updated my bios with this file Download with attached logo for boot screen. The metabox logo was cool however after updating the bios the clevo logo is kinda ugly. I tried researching how to mod myself but couldn't get much resource. Please help me change the logo. 

Metabox Alpha X NH58RD

CPU: I7-9750h
Memory: 16GB 2666 mhz
GPU: RTX 2060
Board: NH5x_7xRCzRDz
BIOS: Insyde Ver 1.07.07

Sorry in Advance, this is as much information I could provide. I'm willing to get more information if needed. Please instruct me through, I'm not good at this stuff.

UPDATE: this is the bios provided by the metabox team, I dump the bios with Phoenix Mod Tool, however I've found an image which is irrelevant to the booting logo and thats the only image I found.

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