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[REQUEST|EXOTIC] Getac S400G2 Unlock Request
Hello BIOS-Mods, new user here.

I have a rather... exotic request for a BIOS mod. I recently came into ownership of a Getac S400 G2 computer, which is effectively a semi-rugged laptop with (supposedly) some rather interesting features. Unfortunately, the current BIOS settings are extremely restrictive (for example, there's no capability to UEFI boot).

Basically, I'd like to be able to have access to whatever menus/settings this thing is willing to expose and let me tamper with. If possible, I'd also like to be able to learn how to do these mods for myself -- I've so far been able to find very few resources regarding modding UEFI bioses that have helped, and even fewer for exotic machines such as this one.

I've attached the EXE file used for updating to the latest BIOS. The EXE itself harbors a wph file that (annoyingly) can't be read by BEP (UEFI?).

Thanks for your help (or at least guidance) in advance!

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