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[REQUEST] HP 15-db0000 series BIOS Unlock
Hi all! I am trying to unlock any "advanced" settings that may be lurking, looking in particular for a "ctdp" value. I found the ascii "ctdp" along with a few other related things such as "thtl" (throttle I can assume), words related to "fan" and "STAPM"(Which has to do with AMD's throttling algorithm based on time under load). I am trying to change the overall cTDP to prevent the crippling power throttling all AMD ryzen mobile processors have. Attached is the full bios file(084Ae.bin), and the module where I found these at. I'm well aware I'll have to use a Soic clip to flash. The extreme power throttling is the only thing that gimps this entire line of chips, All help is appreciated helping with this and i'd be more than happy to donate. Thanks!!

Attached Files
.bin   084AE.bin (Size: 16 MB / Downloads: 5)
Hello i would like to have a unlocked bios for 

hp 15-db0013np

bios version is Insyde F.20

Thank you! Smile Smile

hello how can i extract the bin file? is shows me that bin image is invalid to optical disk image. thank you

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