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[REQUEST] Lenovo 3000 N500 (6GETxxWW) Whitelist Removal
(02-01-2018, 05:37 AM)pid=\136240 Wrote:Hi Charly5,

thanks for Your posting and the detailed information.

Well, I will try to give some answers...

Regarding CPU - First of all T9600 was running w/o bios change (V1.03). Just swapped the devices. PlugNplay ;-)

I had a look on other CPUs as well, but unfortunately, al least at that time, they were above my budget, so I decided that T9600 for about 29€ is "fast" enough and as T9600 is also listed in the HW maintenance manual (refer to attachment), I thought the risk is quite low that T9600 will not work with N500.

After I checked the prices for the other CPUs I did not investigate further if somebody already tried out a faster CPU...

Unfortunately I have no idea about "Intel Virtualization". So I can't give any hints, but it sounds interesting.

Regarding BIOS - Thanks for the link. Sent some PMs :-)

Well V1.09 does support HDMI, but V1.10 does not.
After the update from V1.03 to V1.09 I did not recognize any difference in performance or stability, so I guess either I do not use the updated/fixed features or the differences are not that big...

As far as I know V1.10 (w/o HDMI support) resp. V1.09 (with HDMI support) is the latest one.

Regarding RAM - I also investigated and Yes they say it will work, but >> 100€ for more RAM (and possibly more performance) I was not prepared to pay...


Regarding SSD - I remember that I read some postings about using the DVD slot, but as I did not want to loose it, I was only interested in replacing the HDD. Why You want to use DVD || MINI-PCIe Express card instead/additionally?

Regarding LAN - That sounds interesting... Thanks for the links. Will come back to You once I found some answers.

Regarding WLAN /WiFi - As far as I can remember N500 has two antennas. Thought about the USB option too, but so far I could not convince myself to like the handling of the additional USB device and replacing the existing one would be much more interesting, at least from my point of view, as just to buy an external one...;-)
Thanks again for Your posting. :-)

.pdf   Lenono 3000 N500 hardware maintainance manual.pdf (Size: 4.13 MB / Downloads: 3)

Hi FiveFourty,

many thanx for your answers.

NOW, I do have very important question to you.
You say, you are running the T9600 cpu with the PM45 northbridge chip set on the board on your N500 (4233-47G).
But what RAM are you running?

Because our Lenovo 3000 N500 (4233 - 47G)
uses (just) the DDR2 RAM, the PM45 cannot handle 1066Mhz front side bus, no?
So are you running still on 800Mhz FSB with the T9600, which is normally a 1066Mhz supporter?

PM45 northbridge chip set is said to support just 667 and 800Mhz on DDR2 (NOT 1066Mhz!) and only at DDR3 667 and 800 and 1066Mhz. (scroll down the link to the end, in the last box you'll find info on PM45 chip)

800Mhz would mean dualpumped 400Mhz, 1066Mhz would mean quadpumped 266Mhz for the FSB. (The boards manual says max. T9600, which is a 1066Mhz as well.)
What is then going on with the grafics onboard card nVidea GeForce 9300m (at ours 400Mhz) 256MB , would it then be down-powered to 266Mhz, if a 1066Mhz FSB would be used?

What happens to the speed of the PCIe slot and card (WiFi Intel card), if changing from 800Mhz to 1066Mhz FSB?

I'm not sure at what cpu to use now instead of my T5800.
Staying at the fastest 800Mhz (e.g. the T9500)
going the risk with the maximum T9900 cpu on 1066Mhz (multiplier 11,5)
or (maybe!)
going the core 2 quad or core 2 extreme with 45W TDP instead of our 35Watt TDP of Core2Duo T5800 or T9900?

Hmm, I'm confused.
Is this forum still alive? im trying to find a bios whitelist mod for the Lenovo N500 4233-85S
hey i need moded bios n500 lenovo i ll try e gpu

Attached Files
.txt   aida 64 report.txt (Size: 292.71 KB / Downloads: 0)
aparently no one else capable of modding bioses have these laptops anymore :-( i havent even been able to find a good guide to do it myself :-(
Can you help me find this file?

Lenovo 3000 G530 (MT 4446 only), N500_1.09- (6GET18WW) _LEN21_NWL.rar
Why is no one answering?

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