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[REQUEST] Lenovo Y470 & Y570 (47CNxxWW) Whitelist Removal
(12-25-2016, 07:55 AM)Tib Wrote: Hi Guys,

I saw here in a lot of forum threads where you posted infos about Lenovo Y570 mods and I've got few question it about.

My laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 with i7-2670QM CPU, 8 GB Ram, GeForce GT 555M and still with the original v2.08 (47CN30WW) BIOS. The OS is Windows 10 Pro.
If I would like to use a Bluetooth 4.0 (or above) feature, I think I have to upgrade my WLAN card. And if I know it right, I will need a whitelist deleted BIOS for this...
  • Which is the most stable version (v2.08 / v2.10 / v2.12)?
  • Can somebody send me a NWL or a NWL & Unlocked (extra menus) version, please?
  • For using a Dual-Band card have I pull out the original Bluetooth card?
Thanks for your help!

---------------------------------------- UPDATE 1 >> 09/01/2017 ---------------------------------------

After 2 weeks of waiting I didn't get any info Sad I wanna set the full BIOS (BIOS & EC version too) as updated as I can (find) so... 
I started with an original BIOS file from bearfight's post: I updated the BIOS version to 2.10 (47CN32WW) and the EC version to 2.10 (47EC32WW)
After this I made an update again with the BIOS file from Serg008's post: BIOS version to 2.12 (47CN34WW) with the No White List modification.

I'm still waiting to my Intel AC 7260 867Mbps Mini PCI WiFi Adapter...

---------------------------------------- UPDATE 2 >> 12/01/2017 ---------------------------------------

Finally I got the dual band card! Smile Intel Dual-Band AC 7260 (HMWWB.R 867Mbps Mini PCI WiFi Adapter) IDs:
  • PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&SUBSYS_40708086&REV_BB
  • PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&SUBSYS_40708086
  • PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&CC_028000
  • PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&CC_0280
But before I put it into my laptop I disabled the Generic Bluetooth Adapter in the Device Manager. When the Intel AC 7260 was in its place the Windows 10 Pro immediately recognised the hardware and installed the drivers. It looked like this:
  • WLAN driver version: (22.02.2015.)
  • BT driver version: 19.11.1639.649 (29.09.2016.)
And then something went wrong: WLAN was good, but the BT didn't want to do the same. So I restarted the OS, and now everything worked properly... for a while... I had to realised that I've got boot lag and the OS constantly (every 5-10 minutes) drop off the Bluetooth and sometimes the WLAN too. It took only for a half second (disconnected and then connected), but believe me it's annoying.

So first I downloaded the latest Windows 10 drivers from the Intel's site and after that in the Device Manager I removed everything under the Bluetooth and WLAN and then of course the newer drivers came. After everything it looked like this:
  • WLAN driver version: (09.10.2016)
  • BT driver version: 19.30.1646.853 (14.11.2016.)
But my problem is almost the same. The Bluetooth still drop off for a half second (but not constantly, only) if I use the following (bolded) buttons:
  • nVIDIA GPU switch
  • Mute sound volume button
  • Decrease sound volume button
  • Increase sound volume button
  • OneKey Theatre button
  • Thermal Management button
  • Fn + Esc: Turn on/off the integrated camera.
  • Fn + F1: Enter sleep mode.
  • Fn + F2: Turn on/off the backlight of the LCD screen.
  • Fn + F3: Open the interface for the display device switch to select this notebook or an external display.
  • Fn + F4: Open the interface for display resolution settings.
  • Fn + F5: Open the interface for integrated wireless devices settings (on/off).
  • Fn + F6: Enable/Disable the touchpad.
  • Fn + F9: Start/Pause playback of Windows Media Player.
  • Fn + F10: Stop playback of Windows Media Player.
  • Fn + F11: Skip to the previous track.
  • Fn + F12: Skip to the next track.
  • Fn + PrtSc: Activate the system request.
  • Fn + Insert: Enable/Disable the scroll lock.
  • Fn + Home: Activate the pause function.
  • Fn + End: Activate the break function.
  • Fn + ↑ / ↓: Increase/Decrease display brightness.
  • Fn + → / ←: Increase/Decrease sound volume.
And unfortunatelly I've got boot lag too (from the beginning) with these times:
  • 0:00 - BIOS logo appears
  • 0:06 - Black Screen
  • 0:28 - Windows 10 logo
  • 1:07 - Windows 10 logo + Loading icon
  • 1:33 - Windows 10 login screen finally I can use my Microsoft Designer Mouse (works on or above Bluetooth 4.0) if it's not disconnected  Confused

---------------------------------------- UPDATE 3 >> 25/01/2017 >> THE FINAL SOLUTON ---------------------------------------

Previously I read that some of the laptops not fully supporting the AC 7260 card, so without a physical WiFi button the wifi and/or th Bluetooth doesn't work for them... But they can solve it with a very simple way! Just cover the pin 20 and/or pin 51 with tape like this:
[Image: LenovoIdeaPadZ580_Intel7260_20150409-1839_2_thumb.jpg] [Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Most of the forum posts offered to cover only the pin 51 so I made a try... Aaaand it works! Smile
For the first look everything works properly! Finally I can use all of my Function buttons (Fn), the nVIDIA GPU switch, OneKey Theatre button, Thermal Management button and my boot lag is dissapeared and it looks like this:
  • 0:00 - BIOS logo appears
  • 0:01 - Black Screen
  • 0:03 - Windows 10 logo
  • 0:06 - Windows 10 logo + Loading icon
  • 0:26 - Windows 10 login screen
After a lot of reading forum threads and worrying, I can rest a bit and finally I'm happy! Big Grin  Tongue Cool

---------------------------------------- ATTACHED FILES FOR BIOS UPDATE----------------------------------------

Because it was hard to find a still working link to all of these files, I attached them for those who will need them in the future. 2 original BIOS, 2 modded BIOS and 1 flasher utility. The Insyde Flash x64 comes with the original 2.08 BIOS file, but if you wanna update your system, before you run InsydeFlashx64.exe just open the platform.ini file and change the filename in line 56:

PS: Tested on Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 but as I read somewhere these BIOS files have to be good for Y470 too. Of course only at your own risk!

Hi there!

Just wanted to thank you for posting your whole story and files to do this procedure. I've recently started using again my Y570 when i tested PUBG Lite and i was amazed to see it ran decently (obviously not Ultra or High graphic settings). Then i decided to make some upgrades to it and bought an mSATA SSD drive, which worked out of the box (i used a KINGSTON SUV500MS240G in case someone wants to upgrade), and the Intel 7260 AC wireless card. I've already knew from another forum that i needed to flash my BIOS to remove the whitelist so the network card would work correctly, but files were missing. Lucky for me, i found this post and downloaded the files to flash the BIOS. I finally used the Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 (v2.12) IQY0212A - 47CN34WW - NWL UlkMenus version, configured the Insyde Flash, which was a no brainer and everything worked.

Now, to resolve the issue with the lag (did not installed the card, so i did not suffered the lagginess), i used little pieces of black electrical tape cutted carefully to cover the pins 20 and 51 (i covered both of them). In case anyone does not know or cant find the pins to cover, i'm posting an image of the mini PCI express pin diagram, so you could match it with the pins on your card.


After covering the pins and installing the card, i turned on the laptop and Wifi worked with no problem. Bluetooth was not the case, which i already knew as Y570 has an internal Bluetooth device, causing the Intel Wireless Bluetooth appear on the Windows Device Manager as conflicting. Solving it was as easy as right clicking the Generic Bluetooth Adapter on the Device Manager from Windows and selecting Disable device. Next, restart Windows and you are good to go, you should now see the Intel Wireless Bluetooth on the Device Manager without any errors. In my case i tested pairing a phone and a BT mouse, and it has been working until now with no interruptions, lag, disconnections nor any other issues.


Hope this helps anyone else if upgrading your good old laptop whatever reason is.
(01-23-2017, 02:45 PM)Tib Wrote:
(01-23-2017, 11:53 AM)DavoOHno Wrote: Hi I am upgrading my Y570 as well. I noticed in the documents attached there are quite a few bios versions. Were these for different windows versions or something?


As I wrote I attached 5 files: 2 original BIOS (it means there are no modifications), and 2 modded BIOS, and plus the BIOS flasher utility.

The 2 original BIOS files are good if you wanna update your Y570 or if you already modded it but you change your mind and you wanna do a roll-back. I don't know what is the difference between the 2 original BIOS files (except their version numbers). Usually the newest is better but if you want just try to search their change log.

The 2 modded BIOS files are coming with the latest BIOS version (v2.12). One of them is coming with No White List (* and the other one with White List and with some extra (unlocked) BIOS menus (*.NWL No White List (or deleted, or cleared, or removed) means the modder person deleted the blocking, so you can use a not authorized (not permitted) device by Lenovo in your laptop like a new bual-band WLAN card (to upgrade your WiFi to 5Ghz and your Bluetooth to 4.0). The extra (unlocked) BIOS menus are good if you are an expert and you wanna tweak your laptop.

The Insyde Flash x64 utility is for using (flash / upload) the selected BIOS file above. It comes with the original 2.08 BIOS file, so if you wanna update your system with the original v2.10 or with a modded BIOS, you need to do the followings:
  1. Download the "" file and UnZip it to somewhere
  2. Find and delete the "IQY0208A.bin" file
  3. Download the selected BIOS file and UnZip it to the "Insyde_Flash_x64" folder
  4. Open the "platform.ini" with a text editor (like Notepad)
  5. Find the following content in line 56: FileName=IQY0208A.bin
  6. Change the filename to the new BIOS's name, like this: FileName=IQY0212A.bin
  7. Run the "InsydeFlashx64.exe" file

Thank you so much mate.

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