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Rampage III Extreme BIOS update

I posted this here because I don't know where else on the forum to post it. I apologize if this is the wrong place and also for requesting help with such an old MB.

I was looking to update the BIOS of my R3E because I can't get any of my RAM modules' frequency to exceed 1333MHz and I thought the issue could be with the BIOS. And while it seems that the BIOS files offered here ( might do the job, I can't figure out which file to flash because I'm using Windows 7 with AHCI and no RAID. What confuses me is the instruction to flash a certain version of the files according to user's need with the inclusion of "AND (in caps) Windows 10". It makes it seem like there's a risk with using other OS, even though some versions are said to be "safe" with other OS.

Another confusing instruction for me as someone who lacks experience in this area is this instruction "Flash Sxxt: If you need ALL the add-on hardware enabled at the same time." I have no idea what "all add-on hardware enabled" means. 

Can someone please help me choose the best BIOS to flash on a Rampage III Extreme?


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