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This is a fork from ZioMod.  He has moved on from this Motherboard and can no longer test and thus develop new updated BIOS'.  You can find information about his work in his original thread >here<

DISCLAIMER: bios is provided "as is". Flash it at your own risk! I won't be responsible for any damage.

BIOS Details:
Built from latest R3E BIOS (BETA) version.  As I understand it,  the only change from the official 1502 and the latest available 1601 R3E beta bios was the CPU MicroCode.  This latest CPU MicroCode supports most (but not all) socket 1366 XEON proessors.

The individual Option ROMs were then updated to newer firmware and/or BIOS versions.  Option ROMs updated are IRST (Intel SATA/RAID Controller), Marvell (SATA-6G), Jmicron (PATA), NIC and injected ASUS SLIC 2.1 tables:

INTEL ICH10R SATA RAID Controller: v13.5.0.2164 (With and without TRIM in RAID0 support !)
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bios : v1.0.0.1038*
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Firmware: v2.2.0.1125*
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bootloader: v1.0.1.0002b*
JMicron JMB36X Controller: v1.08.01
INTEL 82567V-2 Gigabit Network: v1.5.43
SLIC 2.1: ASUS (SSV3/MMtool method)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are strongly advised to download and install Intel RST software v13.5.2.1000 and Marvell 91xx driver v1.2.0.1048 to match new controller firmware routines.
Coming from ZioMod's S17, my first version is S18...

*_trim files support SSD TRIM in RAID0

S17 -> S18

Intel ICH10R SATA RAID Controller: v13.5.0.2118 -> v13.5.0.2164
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bios : v1.0.0.1033 -> v1.0.0.1038
JMicron JMB36X Controller: v1.07.28  -> v1.08.01
Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit Network:
v1.5.13 -> v1.5.43

Attached Files
.rar   1601_S18_slic.rar (Size: 981.1 KB / Downloads: 46)
.rar   1601_s18_slic_trim.rar (Size: 981.1 KB / Downloads: 41)
Attached is S18i BIOS release
*_trim files support TRIM in RAID0

Benchmarks fastest on ICH10R controller.

Intel ICH10R SATA RAID Controller:  ->  v11.2.0.1527
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bios : v1.0.0.1033  ->  v1.0.0.1038
JMicron JMB36X Controller: v1.07.28  ->  v1.08.01
Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit Network:  v1.5.13 ->  v1.5.43

Recommended driver >INTEL IRST<

Attached Files
.rar   1601_S18i_slic.rar (Size: 981.24 KB / Downloads: 23)
.rar   1601_S18i_slic_trim.rar (Size: 981.26 KB / Downloads: 27)
There is a little known issue with this BIOS that has crept up on us with updating modules beyond the official 1502 BIOS had.  The Modules have grown and their memory footprint has grown along with it.  Unfortunately the R3E runs out of BIOS memory space if we have ALL ROM Modules updated and enabled.  I have created a test BIOS with only the RAID ROM downgraded to 10.1.  This has a much smaller memory footprint (85kb) and may allow all of the other modules (LAN, PATA, SATA_6G, and SATA2) to be enabled.  Intel RAID OROM 11.1+ are all 100KB memory footprint.

If you need ALL hardware enabled on the R3E, try this BIOS and let me know the results.

I have not been plagued by this issue myself as I have never needed to enable my JMicron (PATA) controller. 

Change Log:
S17 -> S18t:
Intel ICH10R SATA RAID Controller:  -> v10.1.0.1008
Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller - Bios : v1.0.0.1033 -> v1.0.0.1038
JMicron JMB36X Controller: v1.07.28  -> v1.08.01
Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit Network:
v1.5.13 -> v1.5.43

*_trim files support SSD TRIM in RAID0

Recommended Driver >Intel RST<

Attached Files
.rar   1601_S18t_slic.rar (Size: 964.31 KB / Downloads: 76)
.rar   1601_S18t_slic_trim.rar (Size: 964.33 KB / Downloads: 87)
My Setup (for reference):

CPU:   INTEL XEON W3680 - 3.33GHz

RAM:   3x4GB DDR3-2000 - CAS9

Motherboard: Rampage 3 Extreme


Intel Controller in AHCI mode V13.5.0.2118
- 2 Optical Drives
Marvell Controller in RAID0 V1.0.0.1038
- 2 WD Black Drives
JMicron (PATA) Controller: DISABLED

Intel NIC V1.5.43

PCIe Cards:
Nvidia GTX 970
OCZ RevoDrive 3 SSD (TRIM supported natively)
Thanks! Great work to you and original ZioMoD Smile
I am testing it now [1601_s18_slic_trim]. Seems to be working except I can't verify TRIM working with two ssd in raid 0 using trimcheck.
EDIT: After waiting about an hour in between running trimcheck it appears to be working but it could just be overwritten with something else, will have to keep testing.
EDIT: Running into issue where my 'active time' is sitting at 100% and the whole system is slow (30MB/s on drive benchmark on raid0); not sure if it's the new firmware in the bios for the RAID controller or what yet. May be a side effect of TRIM starting to work which I am debugging, slows down to a crawl for a while and then comes back to normal now.. This does seem likely related to TRIM because it only happens when a large amount of data is deleted. Keep in mind im testing with 2 OLD SSD in raid0. Going to test with M.2 to PCIe adapter with PCIe SSD to see how fast this board can pull data from it. Long live the R3E Big Grin Will keep posted here.
INDEED is a side affect of TRIM working the raid slows down to what feels like a floppy drive, haha..
CONFIRMED Trim is working in RAID0, although when it's doing its thing it slows down the RAID (sometimes 20 minutes) like I stated above to ridiculously slow speeds until it's done doing what it needs to. For example after windows 10 weekly optimization which trims the disk with the defragment/optimize program. Granted my SSD's are from 2010 and one of the first models to even support TRIM so your results might vary with newer SSDs. Using driver and the BIOS 1601_s18_slic_trim.rar.

It [TRIM] does seem to be working on the Marvell controller with SSD in non-raid configuration which it wasn't before though (takes a few minutes).

Also for those of you wanting to use windows10 and intel RST, here's a very valuable resource [since intel rst direct from intel no longer works with old chipsets like our x58]:
You can download the RST graphical UI interface and service v14 for win10, and then use the 13.x built in win10 driver or use the custom signed drivers by importing the key.
Marvell drivers are here:
We have a 91xx so the one you want is v1.2.0.1248 on there, I'm using it verified working properly.
Side note the Marvell controller seems to be connected with x1 PCIe lane so it's limited to 5gbps TOTAL which is kind of weird since it has two 6gbs SATA ports. So honestly I'd only connect one fast device to it, or two slower ones like hard drives in raid.
thx f00z. keep up the great feedback. I highly recommend PCIe SSD on this motherboard. Even the PCIe 1.0 x4 slot is faster than either sata controller on this board.
(02-08-2016, 03:10 AM)pir8man Wrote: thx f00z. keep up the great feedback. I highly recommend PCIe SSD on this motherboard. Even the PCIe 1.0 x4 slot is faster than either sata controller on this board.

No problem, in fact I JUST earlier today ordered a PCIe x4 to M.2 adapter card and a Samsung 950 PRO so I'll be testing that as well as testing two WD Blue and other hard drives in raid 0 instead of SSD.   I'm using I7 980X on this board (OC to 4ghz) and still haven't found anything that maxes it out in terms of multithreading, single core performance isn't the best but it's not too bad especially now that most new applications are finally able to take advantage of threading.  It's been running 24x7 for 6 years at 4ghz and no issues, testament to the durability of this thing it was a good investment.
I just completed maintenance window... I updated to S18 BIOS and upgraded to Xeon W3680 CPU. Coming from BloomField 965, I expect to be quite happy.

I do not use the TRIM BIOS as my SATA based drives are WD Black RAID0 pair that run from Marvell controller, and my optical drives are on the Intel Controller. My OS drive is a PCIe RevoDrive3.

EDIT: I can build with different IRST module versions if S18 is that slow with TRIM maybe we have found the limit of this system.  Unfortunately I cannot test TRIM feature myself, so I need tester(s).

NOTE: CPU upgrade is amazing. If anyone is still on BloomField, get the W3670 or W3680 for this board.  Both are great bang for the buck and make the x58 chipset a dream.   My new cpu went from 3.33GHz (25x133) to 4.62GHz (22x210) memory is 3x4GB ddr3-2000MHz (@2100Mhz).  OMG it's fast!
Got the PCIe SSD but seems to be capped at around 1000MB/s , not sure why. EDIT: Got 1600MB/s in another program but seems maybe limitation of PCIe 2.0, this thing is supposed to do 2700, and also 270k IOPS but it's doing 90k.
Also, it's impossible to boot from it which is really REALLY annoying as I wanted to use it as the boot drive. NVMe need the UEFI BIOS which r3e isn't.. /grumble
How did you get it to overclock so well? I have a 980x which is basically the same thing as the W3680 and it's not happy at 4.6ghz although 4 is great Big Grin
HOW Did you get it to boot from a PCIE drive? My BIOS won't see it? is it some special card with controller/option rom etc?
(Crazy I have 7 hard drives in my computer now testing various things.. lol)

Check out the attached benchmarks.. the OCZ SSD's aren't even SATA3
I want to know how my super old SSDs are outdoing the new Samsung 950 at the lower block sizes even though they are in raid0 should be no contest

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