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Rampage III GENE 0901 Marvell Firmware Update
I have been trying to get my Marvell 9128 sata 6gb/s controller up to date.
I have used the Marvell flash utility from a CD-Rom, and the firmware updates just fine.
The problem occurs when the machine reboots.
The 0901 BIOS seem to think the new (1701) firmware is old, and downgrades the controller back to version 1213. (it says "upgrading SATA firmware..Please Wait" or something, then when I run update CD the firmware is once again 1213)
What I am looking for is a way for the BIOS to either ignore the version of the Marvell firmware and not try to update it, or include the updated version natively. Thanks!

Files are 0901 BIOS .ROM
.rom  RampageIII-GENE-ASUS-0901.ROM (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 1)
and 1701 firmware from station-drivers for marvell
.zip  marvell_9xxx_10001701( (Size: 1.61 MB / Downloads: 13)

EDIT: I tricked the system into booting with the new firmware by installing it, after reboot hitting DEL to go into the system setup and then discarding and exiting so that the boot continues. It seems to skip the automated firmware check/reflash.
The performance gains from this new firmware seem pretty negligible. I haven't tested enough to know about stability, but seems good for now.

TLDR: Found workaround, probably not worth the time to mod this BIOS
There should be an option in the BIOS telling it whether to update the Marvell firmware with what is in the BIOS or to leave it alone... no?

Feel free to use/link/host any BIOS I post, no credit necessary. However, this is at your own risk and I take no responsibility. Always keep a backup of a known-good BIOS. Don't flash a motherboard if you don't have a backup computer just in case.

Always use RAID mode. RAIDFix
Interestingly enough, there is an option to enable/disable Update Option BIOS, but that is the only one I can find, and it doesnt affect the Marvell self-update. The only other options related are to enable/disable the controller and to switch between ide/ahci/raid. The controller won't run the self-update if it is disabled, but I can't use it either Wink

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