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[Request] AMI R0210V5 BIOS Unlock
I'm trying to squeeze as much power out of my Sony E Series (SVE14A390X) as possible before I embark on building a full-size rig.
The final piece in the puzzle is overclocking the cpu, which my i7-3632QM is capable of thanks to Turbo Boost.

HOWEVER, my current BIOS (AMI Aptio 4 R0210V5) does not give me many options at all beyond Hyperthreading.
Can this BIOS be unlocked? I don't know precisely what you need, so here's everything I know:

Sony E Series SVE14A390X
BIOS: (I know my BIOS is UEFI and running whatever Aptio 4 is)

I can go find the motherboard SN and/or driver/firmware if need be. Please let me know what else I can do!
I study 1 week all this forum and others searching solutions for this bios, i can use AMIBCP and see all settings switch from default to USER, but i can't see enable this on Bios, onlly the stock options, i need help, i need memory tab unlock for performance, i think i can enable xmp profiles an use this laptop with 16 GB RAM with 1866 memory profile, i tested and make run this method on multimple dell laptop, but now i can't in my wife laptop.

Some good member can help me unlock this Bios?

I post my bios rom, thank's

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