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[Request] ASUS ROG GL553VW BIOS Unlock

I need to access the advanced menu to disable the integrated graphics; would it be possible to unlock this bios please?


Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.07 MB / Downloads: 4)

On amibcp you can see SG Mode Select = "Muxless" instead of "MUXed" ,so i feel the gtx 960 is output signal through internal graphic(cpu).  So i guess when you disable internal graphic ,gtx 960m also can't output the signal ,so you will get a black screen.
Unlock advance menus is not difficult ,but if you make a mistaken bios settings ,you may spend large time to search how to clear cmos.

Normal laptops:
NVIDIA Optimus Muxless ,graphic signal output through internal graphic(cpu).

More expensive laptops:
NVIDIA Optimus Muxed , you can individually switch igpu or dgpu to
hdmi out or monitor ,and you can individually close the dgpu else.

Some high end laptops only has design dgpu(Nvidia graphic) output.

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Thank you for your reply.

Here is the issue I'm trying to fix; the intel GPU seams to be dead; I have tried many things to fix it, but with no luck; the end result is always the same. Basically, every time I install the intel GPU driver, old or new, I get a black screen, and after a minute or so a BSOD (video tdr failure igdkmd64.sys). And after that, every boot goes straight to BSOD if not instant freeze. I have tried many drivers, clean windows installation, etc etc, and at this point I'm pretty sure its a hardware issue. Also tried to reflow the CPU with no luck. I'm convinced it's an internal issue with the CPU.

If I disable/uninstall the intel driver, the computer works fine; the nvidia GPU work fine, games run fine; everything seams to work fine as long as the intel GPU is not "present".

So, my idea was with the bios mod, was to permanently try to disable the intel GPU in a way that windows would not see it at all; as this is a client's computer, and inevitably something or someone will try to either enable the intel GPU or update its drivers, etc etc...and kill the computer again.

As for the bios mistakes, clear CMOS, or try bios mods, I'm ok with that; I can easily clear CMOS, and I have SPI programmer, so I can easily flash any bios on it. No worries.

So, do you think there's any hope we can try some bios mods? Or will be guarantied a backscreen every time?

Thanks for the help.
Uninstall driver of intel hd in windows is different with disable internal graphic in the bios. in bios ,It is hardware cut off signal output.
Nvidia gpu also need through internal graphic(cpu) to output signal ,so if you disable it ,almost i can say you will get a black screen.

Try this tool package to unlock advance menu , then respond to the result.

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Your tool package worked great. Bios unlocked and flashed successfully. And let me tell you...dam; I don't think I ever saw a bios with so many options; and I have seen my fare share of unlocked/custom bios.

That part worked great.

As for disabling the intel GPU; has you predicted, black screen. The laptop boots and works fine, I can even remotely access to it and its working fine, but nothing shows on the display; which is a shame.

On the other hand, with the unlocked bios, and going into the advanced SG options, and disabling a few features, I managed to get rid of the freezing/bsod, and it seams to be working fine. So in the end, it ended up fixing the problem in another way. Awesome!

Thank you so much for the help genius239.


It's great ! You're welcome.
Unlock advanced menus is i can only do for you ,as i'm not a laptop user ,so you need to attempt tweak a ton of unlocked options yourself.

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