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[Request] Asus G751 G-Sync Unlock
I raise my Donation to 50USD for anyone to actually take their time and figure this out. I am dead serious as I want G-sync, but don't want to sell my current G751 and buy a new one. Loss would be over 200USD if I would do that.
(09-29-2015, 04:39 AM)SweCaliber Wrote: I raise my Donation to 50USD for anyone to actually take their time and figure this out.

It is figured out. HWID resistors must be resoldered/changed to provide proper id number, for the driver to unlock sync feature. Driver uses only hwid to identify gpu board. There is no option to do it in software, contrary to what the starter of this thread wrote in the first post. And even if you found and changed ids in driver, it would have to be done for every driver released.
Cmon, there must be a way to fool the driver it sees a g-sync version of the HW.
I'm also adding a donation of 50 USD
(11-22-2015, 02:43 AM)eMay22 Wrote: Cmon, there must be a way to fool the driver it sees a g-sync version of the HW.
I'm also adding a donation of 50 USD

No there is not. Driver reads hwid directly of the gpu board. No way to do it is soft.
(08-28-2015, 06:02 AM)Ph3NiX Wrote:
(08-22-2015, 04:01 PM)asabovesobelow Wrote: Okay, 1st here is the story, Our old model G751 don't support G-Sync but we know that G751 is compatible for it. So I read the thread from here. As you can see it, to enable G-Sync have to

1) GPU hardware ID (since the official g-sync driver release there are 2 new gpu hw ids inside the driver to be recognised) - G-sync enabled g751s' have a specific GPU hw ID which is stored inside of a bios (not strictly vBios as it is not MXM gpu)

2) laptop's panel/screen EDID (which then the drivers change onfly to enable 75 Hz refresh rate...)

3) the presence of nvidia license cookie also stored inside of a BIOS

I wan't to mod the bios but I'm not able to do that because I am a newbie don't know how to edit and use what software to do. If someone can teach me how to do this stuff I can learn it. 

If someone can help to do this I'm also okay and the donation I'll give but not really much. (Budget over.)

Attachments parts:
Cookie shared by Gamenab.
How-To-Enable shared by Gamenab.
G751JTTAS have 3 version of bios. 205, 207 and 208. If from Asus Official Driver Download Page.

Hi asabovesobelow,  I hope not to be intrusive with my request but could you please modify the title and description into a request the a mod for BOTH G751 models (JT and JY)? They are the same notebook after all, the only difference is the mounted Nvidia GPU (970m 3Gb on G751JT, 980m 4Gb on G751JY). So the solution for the mod (if there will be one) will be the same for both probably. 
I too will donate if a mod can be achived so that G-sync can be activated on our notebooks.

P.S. Asus just released a new bios (209) today!
Here are the latest bios for both G751 models (I think the bios is the same anyway, but I attach both JT and JY just in case  file:

Original Asus G751JY BIOS (v.209)    

The backup of my flashed Asus G751JY BIOS (v.209) (that is only to be able to compare the original bios to the flashed one, in case the flash process changes something while writing the bios to motherboard)   

My GPU (980m) vBios dump 

Original Asus G751JT BIOS (v.209)  

Here is another LINK to the Asus forum discussion where it explains how the GPU's in the pre-july 2015 G751's are the same as those on the post-july notebooks, but apparently Asus changed their HW ID so that Nvidia drivers wouldn't activate software G-Sync on the old models (even thou G-sync works fine with the "old" G751 models when using a leaked Nvidia alpha driver modded by a certain Gamenab).
 you can get your backup bin bios in asus format for g751jy i need it
Excuse me for being a grave digger ... tho I own a G751 and all the links to the leaked drivers are dead.
Does anyone have the G-Tool V2 or anything else?

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