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[Request] Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139 Bios Unlock / Mod
Hello! firstly i'd like to apologize as i couldn't find who actually made the bios pheonix / AMI etc it Just says Dell inc. So i didn't quite know where to post this, feel free to move it and once again i'm sorry if i posted it in the wrong place.

I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139 with the I5 4300Y cpu and 8gb ram.

Issue: From factory these tablet pc's are power limited by the bios to 6w tdp when intel rates the cpu at 11.5W and set to thermal throttle at 60-65c ish. This means the pc is severely throttled doing anything but light workloads. I suspect this was only done to make the battery last longer and to keep the fan noise done as the fan is barely working at 65c.

My request: I want the bios modded to either have a way to select between 6w or unlocked tdp or just unlock it permanently without no way to limit tdp (although i'd prefer the former) and i want the temperature at which the cpu thermal throttles raised as high as is safe to do for the cpu.

The tdp has been unlocked and the thermal throttle temp raised but in a non permanent manner using bar edit and throttlestop and other things but i would like a more permanent solution that doesn't reset every time you attach the charger / the tablet runs out of power.

Link to the Non permanent mod in case it helps.

Link to bios

Any help would be really appreciated and it would extend the life of the tablet.

Here is the Bios dump made with Universal Bios Backup Toolkit.


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