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[Request][HELP] NP350V5C-s05hu Bios dumps
Hi there!

I have a little problem. I bought very cheap, decent computer, but the local service center f**** up the logic board. They desoldered and rewrote the 2 eeproms on the motherboard. Saidly the real issue was a dead ntc battery (0.8v).

However this happend under the last owner of computer. 

I tried to download a bios from samsung website, but only an utility found, which can not download roms on different computer......

My second attempt was a link from this forum for s05pl. This was also a failure. It only includes 1 rom file, which is larger then my eeproms.....

My guess is the last 2 character of product number stands for the keyboard layout, so internaly should be identical?

IF anybody can upload dumps for me would be really great.

Thanks!!!!!! Angel Angel Angel Angel

1: Winbond 25q32 ==> right next to the normal sata connector
2: MX25l1606e ==> next to the super io

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