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[Request] HP/Compaq NX9600/zd8000/X6000 - Add Cedar Mill/65nm Pentium 4 MC
BIOS link:

The laptop will power on, and then shut off when a Cedar Mill CPU is installed. The latest F34 BIOS has also been installed on the computer.

The desired CPU spec is SL9KE, a Pentium 4-HT 651 on the D0 stepping with a maximum TDP of 65 watts. (EDIT: CPUID is F62, F64, and F65 across all cedar mill CPUs. SL9KE uses F65)

Attached are screenshots from AIDA64 showing my current CPUID (Prescott-2M P4, 3.4GHz), Motherboard, and chipset (which is an Intel i915P).

I would also like to note that I have installed a custom BIOS on here which allows me to install more than 2.5GB of RAM. Obviously, that's off-topic considering I am posting in the CPU upgrade forum, but the files are on the ZD8000 RAM thread in the Phoenix Unlocking forum if anyone wants to make a patched BIOS with both Cedar mill and >2.5GB RAM support. There was also a de-whitelisted BIOS somewhere, but that's been lost.

These laptops have 2 different BIOS files depending on what graphics card your system has. One is 3082F34.M22 for ATi Radeon X300 systems, and 3082F34.M24 for X600 systems. They should be just about the same aside from different video BIOSes on hand.

If anyone owns a cedar mill CPU and an NX9600/zd8000/X6000 and are willing to test certain things out alongside me, that would be very helpful!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. With cedar mills in these exotic laptops, we can have at least 30% less heat output, and could make these laptops run at least somewhat better.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
At first try to find Phoenix BIOS with support of Cedar Mill for any motherboard base on 915P chipset.
(01-21-2022, 12:41 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: At first try to find Phoenix BIOS with support of Cedar Mill for any motherboard base on 915P chipset.
I have searched far and wide yet all I get would be Phoenix AwardBIOS; not what I am looking for. I think there is a file in the BIOS known as UPDATE0.ROM or something which contains the microcode? Perhaps someone here could look through my BIOS and add the F62/F64/F65 microcodes in? They're on a github page if I recall correctly.

EDIT: FOUND A DONOR! This should have the Cedar Mill microcode.

Attached Files
.rar   D900T Biso-1.00.12-H8-1.00.09.rar (Size: 1.27 MB / Downloads: 1)
I don't need BIOS with suitable microcode for Cedar Mill, but I need BIOS with support(!) of Cedar Mill.
So this BIOS can't help.
(01-21-2022, 02:38 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: I don't need BIOS with suitable microcode for Cedar Mill, but I need BIOS with support(!) of Cedar Mill.
So this BIOS can't help.

Had to get a better understanding of the terminology here. I believe this BIOS has support for Cedar Mill. Would it have to be a Phoenix BIOS? A lot of 915P boards out there use Award or AMI.
(01-21-2022, 02:49 PM)k24a1 Wrote: I believe this BIOS has support for Cedar Mill.
I've analyzed it - I can't find any special code for Cedar Mill in all three BIOS files.
Yiiiikes. I did find an AMI BIOS file from a 915P board that has code for Cedar mill, but I don't think that would be of any help.

EDIT: I found this Fujitsu-Siemens BIOS which is for a motherboard on the 915 series of chipsets! It is Phoenix based and has Cedar Mill support. It MAY need the F65 CPUID microcode, though. It appears to have references to F62 and F64 microcode. I've included a ZIP file known as D2420 and it has a compressed OCF, decompressed ROM (which can only be used to extract via phoedeco), and the extracted BIOS in a D2420 folder. Also attached is my phoedeco output to help pinpoint the files.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 653.58 KB / Downloads: 2)
.zip (Size: 1.13 MB / Downloads: 2)
060627S.ROM is AMI BIOS.
Dell BIOS can't help.
(01-22-2022, 03:03 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: 060627S.ROM is AMI BIOS.
Dell BIOS can't help.
D2420 is a Fujitsu BIOS... it's a Phoenix BIOS with cedar mill support and it's deisigned for a 915 chipset. Not sure if you've looked at the fujitsu and HP side by side just yet
(01-22-2022, 08:04 AM)k24a1 Wrote: D2420 is a Fujitsu BIOS...
Yes, you are right. But it's useless for solving your original problem.

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