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[Request] Intel DX79TO support I7-3820
Would it be possible to update the microcode in the DX79TO, DX79SI and DX79SR bios to support Ivy Bridge -E processors?
Most other manufacturers support these processors in there x79 chipset boards.

If not how would I go along with updating this myself?
Almost forgot...
Here is a link to the bios for these boards.
Bought a used mobo (DX79TO), but it does not support CPU i have (I7-3820), its supported from version 0460, but mobo is flashed with 0453. (found out the version with hex editor, dumped the bios with programmator)

I though i use a programmer to flash with new bios, but the content and bios file size does not match the bios dump file.

Hope someone can help me out.

Here is a link with dump and new bios that supports I7-3820, hope someone has the knowledge to help me out.!8142&cid=01947D4B1EC5FC7B&group=0&parId=1947D4B1EC5FC7B!127&action=locate
BIOS in dump is initial production BIOS release, version 0281, 10/19/2011. It has microcodes for CPUID=206D6, version 60c, 09/29/2011, size is 3C00.
Im very grateful for your quick reply.

Forgot to mention it beeps 3times when it tries to post.

Anyways - after googling the beep codes it confirmed the memory compatibility issue i suspected at start. I'll try a dual rank memory tomorrow. ( hope it works with CT25664BA160B)

Yesterday i suspected that it could be memory issue cause it was beeping. Tryed 3x different singlerank memory and was quite sure that the memory cant be the problem (dint have a dualrank memory at hand at the time - i'l try tomorrow.)

Something tells me that the MB dosent support SingleRank memories at all. ( hope im wrong. )

I'l report back tomrrow hopefully with good news.
You can overwrite microcode in your dump with version 610, 12/14/2011, size is 3C00. It can be taken from BIOS version 0430, 02/13/2012.
P.S. Asus P9X79 boot all supported CPUs with this version of microcode.
P.S.S. I've made the modded version of your dump with latest version 619 (05/22/2012) of microcode. Download it and try to flash.
Just for curiosity, is there a tool, that knows how to "read" intel bios file? or make it into human readable? ( tryed a few tools - no luck )
Or a link with fast tutorial/knowhow.
How did you find out the version 0281 of the dump? Cause if search for "$FIDSIX7910J.86A" in dump, it will show that its version 0453 (dump)

What is the microcode offset inside version 0430? and offset of dump ( so i know what to copy and where to copy )

Sorry for many questions, newb with bios modding, usually i dont get that deep into bios. ( usually flash with new bios if any troubles with it and dont get too deep digging into hex )
Version 0453 has newer microcodes then in your dump.
Do you try my version?
Do you try Recovery with USB Thumb Drive?
DualRank memory - stuck at post code 46 ( with single rank memory MB beeps )
Tryed the bios you linked - same thing
Tryed the recovery method, with no jumper and bios on flash drive ( stuck at 46 )
Download Intel Desktop Board DX79TO Product Guide
Go to page 12. DD - BIOS configuration jumper block. Take off it for Recovery Mode. Try with CD-R:
Quote:It is unlikely that anything will interrupt the BIOS update; however, if an interruption
occurs, the BIOS could be damaged. Due to BIOS size and recovery requirements, a
CD-R with the .BIO file in the root directory will be required.
You can obtain the Recovery BIOS Update file through your computer supplier or by
navigating to the Intel Desktop Board DX79TO page on the Intel World Wide Web site
Download Center at
On the Intel Desktop Board DX79TO page, click on the “BIOS Update” link and then
select the Recovery BIOS Update file.
I've made new version of your dump with latest bootblock (from version 0650). Download it, flash and boot Recovery Mode with CD-R. SI0650P.BIO must be in the root directory of CD-R.
P.S. In your native dump was BIOS version 0453.

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