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[Request] Zotac Magnus One AMI Bios unlock

It's great ,i'm glad to hear that everything is well for the mod. And also thanks for you support my work.

@genius239 would it be possible to do the same to my bios ? I am specially interested in the undervolting component. Thanks in advance!
You can attach your bios dump.

[quote pid="190864" dateline="1654077758"]
sorry tought I had done so.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.31 MB / Downloads: 1)

Did you made this dump via my f14.rar ,if so ,try this mod then respond to the result.(This mod is for uipe only)

Thanks! I now have a crazy ammount of settings to review!
Interesting fact, in bios it now says I dont have any GBe card, they are still being detected in windows and working but not in bios, is it supposed to be like this ?

The mod will not affect network card. Actually , you still can see it on windows . So i guess you said is mean the mac address label in bios. I swapped two tabs to let more options present ,maybe one of them no mac address label.

@genius239 yeah it actually appears in the end of all options Smile like I said so much information to go throught. Thanks a lot! Quick question whats the latest version of XTU that I can use that allows us to apply changes ? if I use the latest it appears greyed out but if I use an older version it works.

On normal situation, disable "CFG Lock" & "Overclocking Lock" then enable "XTU Interface" you will activate XTU. I think it was not related with XTU version. As long as bios release date is later than 2020 year ,Throttlestop & XTU are usually locked because the secure issues.

Will double check, maybe I forgot some setting, the strange thing is that it works with an old version o XTU that I found in the internet, but it still has the core multiplier turned off, which I can change in BIOS. Well again thanks a lot for your work its just a pitty that we cant add the ids for the gen 11 CPUs and have a single bios files for everyone so that you wouldnt have to be bothered by everyone one that requires a bios unlock.

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