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[Request] Zotac Magnus One AMI Bios unlock

1. Now katfile site is work normally.

2. Does your laptop is the same with this?

I also got one of these and it's the first computer I'm modding (changing parts, undervolting etc) and I have been having so much fun. It would be so amazing to access more options in the bios. Any chance you have time for one more?

Happy to make a small donation as a thanks. I have the exact same spec as the cpu-z screenshot in your latest post. Attaching bios dump (it's .bin but as far as I could understand it is virtually the same as .rom?).


Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.34 MB / Downloads: 1)
@Joakim P

1. File extension name is only a way to let operating system or tool software to identify the file type. For example : .jpg is image file , .docx can be opened by word..etc. So , .bin or .rom will not affect the bios file itself as long as use one you like.(ex. [censored].123 [censored].bio)

Below is my habit for bios extension name.
ami bios and most bioses = .rom
old award bios and bios dump through programmer = .bin
old phoenix bios = .wph
insyde bios =.fd

2. Try this mod then respond to the result. (This mod is for Joakim P only.)

1 katfile unfortunately on the last page, when the download should start, I get a message: "Unable to establish a connection to the site."
2 Yes

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Try this one to make bios dump again.

Thank you.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.rar   dump.rar (Size: 3.18 MB / Downloads: 1)
Try this mod then respond to the result. (This mod is for @Vadrey only)

You are the best! Thank you so much.
Bios has become larger.
Haven't had time to figure it out yet. Let me ask: Under load, the processor frequency drops to 800+- MHz. Power Limit raised - no change. What else needs to be done?

And a question to everyone: The image blinks. For a while everything is fine, but after the image disappears for 1 second and appears again. The trigger is the movement of something on the screen. If the picture is static, there is no blinking. Perhaps someone has experienced something similar and can tell what's going on. The HDMI cable is 100% correct. My guess is that there is not enough HDMI power.

More: Who raised the frequency of RAM to what value?

1. Cpu freq go down is only related with tdp wall(pl1,pl2) or temperature limitation ,i'll suggest you to try tune these bios settings repeatedly ,or ask other Magnus One owners how to do.

2. Chipset h470 is not support memory overclock ,so ddr4 2933 is the max value i think.

Hello, could you unlock another BIOS for me? Thank you!

Best Regards

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 3.34 MB / Downloads: 1)

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