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Request to unlock advance features in Acer Aspire 5740 Bios Phoenix 1.28
(10-05-2014, 10:50 AM)Sml6397 Wrote: Hello vishalagarwal1286 & h35am,

The BIOS mod is complete! You can find the modified BIOS image at the bottom of this post.

Mods performed:
• Added an Advanced Menu
• Disabled the function that may have been hiding the INTEL Menu

As PBE (used to emulate BIOSes) could not emulate this BIOS, I was in the dark when modding. Further mods will require pictures of the BIOS menus so I know what is showing up and what is not.

Generic Warnings/Disclaimers:
Quote:Please remember to take proper precautions when flashing your BIOS. Even if the image is safe, the flashing process can still fail. Make sure that (if applicable) your notebook is fully charged (100%), the power plug is properly connected, and that the chance of the power going out is as minimal as possible. Do not interrupt the flashing process. If possible, it is a good idea to have a working CRISIS recovery disk when messing with your BIOS. Use the flashing instructions for your particular computer brand. DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARY!!!

I take absolutely NO responsibility for ANY damages that may occur to you, your computer, your personal belongings, your neighbor's cat, or any other personnel or equipment as a direct or indirect result/consequence of your, or any one else's, use or misuse of any of the files that are in this archive at the present or at any time in the past or the future. You assume full responsibility for any damages or inconveniences that may occur by choosing to flash, or otherwise use or misuse, this image or any of the other files within this archive.

Have fun! Smile

Please remember to post the results (pictures if possible) of the BIOS flash. As I could not emulate this BIOS, this is especially important.

HASH VERIFICATION (DigitalVolcano's HashTool v1.1):
MDA5: 6d1962e7b8f88a8d2f25cdbd7b385b68
SHA-1: c0ecb41e3c146a0f972c55cf39cce8dce94fa5c5

Thank you very much for this mod. Worked like a charm. Flashed in DOS with phflash provided in original acer bios.rar.
Can I deactivate the HD5650 and activate the Intel HD graphics with this modded Bios of page 1?
When I try to flash the Bios with phoenix WinPhlash then it says:
Failed to flash BIOS image: Please update all your DXE drivers to the newest version, or they can´t work! Driver initalization failed. Error Code: -121
Can anybody please add the voltage adjust feature for cpu...

Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
I have succeed to update the microcode with the latest (without the vulnerability of The Meltdown and Spectre CPU Bugs) of our bios only for the CPU with CPUID 20655 (i have i7-640M). This ID is valid also for other CPUs with the same CPUID (

I have attached the BIOS for use at your own risk.
Hi Frok1966.
I was thinking of flashing the BIOS with the latest microcode (the one you patched) - I have i5-560M.
Did you use the modded (unlocked) BIOS as source for your microcode patched BIOS?
Did you experience any CPU slowdowns with new microcode implemented in BIOS?
I am not able to download the BIOS from the link above. Could you please upload it again?
Thanks in advance.

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