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Request to unlock advance features in Acer Aspire 5740 Bios Phoenix 1.28
(10-05-2014, 10:50 AM)Sml6397 Wrote: Hello vishalagarwal1286 & h35am,

The BIOS mod is complete! You can find the modified BIOS image at the bottom of this post.

Mods performed:
• Added an Advanced Menu
• Disabled the function that may have been hiding the INTEL Menu

As PBE (used to emulate BIOSes) could not emulate this BIOS, I was in the dark when modding. Further mods will require pictures of the BIOS menus so I know what is showing up and what is not.

Generic Warnings/Disclaimers:
Quote:Please remember to take proper precautions when flashing your BIOS. Even if the image is safe, the flashing process can still fail. Make sure that (if applicable) your notebook is fully charged (100%), the power plug is properly connected, and that the chance of the power going out is as minimal as possible. Do not interrupt the flashing process. If possible, it is a good idea to have a working CRISIS recovery disk when messing with your BIOS. Use the flashing instructions for your particular computer brand. DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARY!!!

I take absolutely NO responsibility for ANY damages that may occur to you, your computer, your personal belongings, your neighbor's cat, or any other personnel or equipment as a direct or indirect result/consequence of your, or any one else's, use or misuse of any of the files that are in this archive at the present or at any time in the past or the future. You assume full responsibility for any damages or inconveniences that may occur by choosing to flash, or otherwise use or misuse, this image or any of the other files within this archive.

Have fun! Smile

Please remember to post the results (pictures if possible) of the BIOS flash. As I could not emulate this BIOS, this is especially important.

HASH VERIFICATION (DigitalVolcano's HashTool v1.1):
MDA5: 6d1962e7b8f88a8d2f25cdbd7b385b68
SHA-1: c0ecb41e3c146a0f972c55cf39cce8dce94fa5c5

Thank you very much for this mod. Worked like a charm. Flashed in DOS with phflash provided in original acer bios.rar.
Can I deactivate the HD5650 and activate the Intel HD graphics with this modded Bios of page 1?
When I try to flash the Bios with phoenix WinPhlash then it says:
Failed to flash BIOS image: Please update all your DXE drivers to the newest version, or they can´t work! Driver initalization failed. Error Code: -121
Can anybody please add the voltage adjust feature for cpu...

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I have succeed to update the microcode with the latest (without the vulnerability of The Meltdown and Spectre CPU Bugs) of our bios only for the CPU with CPUID 20655 (i have i7-640M). This ID is valid also for other CPUs with the same CPUID (

I have attached the BIOS for use at your own risk.
Hi Frok1966.
I was thinking of flashing the BIOS with the latest microcode (the one you patched) - I have i5-560M.
Did you use the modded (unlocked) BIOS as source for your microcode patched BIOS?
Did you experience any CPU slowdowns with new microcode implemented in BIOS?
I am not able to download the BIOS from the link above. Could you please upload it again?
Thanks in advance.

I think I can take the hit of performance which will only occur in CPU demanding applications, that anyway will rarely be used on such a CPU as i3 and i5 Core series (Arrandale).

The thing most concerning me is the security of the workstation itself, I mean clearly people are still using the Acer 5740g as their daily driver, htcp or home server.

I would love to know how to update microcode of this BiOS, so if someone here would care to share the procedure of doing so, we could maintain it ourselves for the future or simply update it for our needs.

@BDMaster, Sml6397, Frok1966

If you are still here, please share with us if possible, a graphical procedure of updating Intel Microcodes for this unlocked bios.

Or kindly update the latest microcodes extracted by me from Linux* "Processor Microcode Data File" Version: 20180807 for Arrandale series.

Intel Core Processor i7-i7-620M/LM/UM, i7-640LM/UM
Intel Core Processor i5-430M, i5-520M/UM, i5-540M
Intel Core Processor 330M, 350M
Intel Celeron Processor P4500, P4505

Intel Core Processor i7-610E, 620LE/LM/M/UE/UM,
640LM/M/UM, 660LM/UE/UM, 680UM
Intel Core Processor i5-430M/UM, 450M, 460M, 470UM,
480M, 520E/M/UM, 540M/UM, 560M/UM, 580M
Intel Core Processor i3-330E/M/UM, 350M, 370M,
380M/UM, 390M
Intel Pentium Processor P6000, P6100, P6200, P6300
Intel Pentium Processor U5400, U5600
Intel Celeron Processor P4500, P4505, P4600
Intel Celeron Processor U3400, U3405, U3600

The microcodes were extracting using "microdecoder" following this tutorial:

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!!

Attached Files
.bin   cpu00020652_plat00000012_ver00000011_date20180508.bin (Size: 9 KB / Downloads: 1)
.bin   cpu00020655_plat00000092_ver00000007_date20180423.bin (Size: 4 KB / Downloads: 1)

I have gained some insight regarding CPU microcode update for Acer 5740g bios.

From start, Acer did not make it easy, and this BIOS is a mess, like seriously...

Well, yesterday I played with Hex editor "HxD" and modified the microcodes available there by simply identifying them with MC Extractor, which extracts the current intel microcodes from bios.

Finding the offset where they reside, I managed to calculate and fit new microcodes in this bios.

My newb mistake was that I have resized the bios, so my laptop is currently a soft brick. Ohh yea, I have tried with Crisis Recovery Acer, but it is a mess like the bios... for some, it works for me it doesn't. I presume that they are some issues with USB sticks +  "phlash16.exe", the requirement is to have a USB stick of maximum capacity 2 GB. formatted as FAT partition, which Crisis Recovery does. And the bios itself has to be in the same directory of the Crisis Recovery disk maker along with working "phlash16.exe". I don't have the patience to identify the right combination to make a bios recovery so I have ordered for just 5$ a bios programmer CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM, remove the keyboard and flash the [censored] thing.   Smile

I have made a correct version of bios which contains these microcodes with the fix for meltdown and spectre and removed the old microcodes completely:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=15850]

The reason that they are duplicated is that in the bios has three modules, as stated by @BDMaster, _C00.PEI and _C01.PEI. However, I did not find the BB.BIN module in bios.wph, dunno how BDMaster was opening this bios. Found the BB.BIN module, HxD tool is somewhat failing to find all three microcodes, but they are inside the bios.wph, HxD doesn't have tagging or bookmark feature.

Figured it out by using this Tool to Insert/Replace SLIC in Phoenix / Insyde / Dell / EFI BIOSes, the forums required account to see the info.

Tool is creating a dump with all the content inside the bios.wph.

Can be downloaded here.

Anyway, as per his warning, I have checked and the "F8 00 D3 AB B4 46 00 C4 42 42 50 53 49 00 00 00  .....F..BBPSI... " is not overlapped.

The microcodes cover Arrandale CPUs as per my above request Smile

Unfortunately, I will not release yet this bios, as I have soft bricked my laptop. But as soon as I will get the bios programmer and start testing, I will release 1 stable bios for you guys to use! Meanwhile, I can share the steps to get the microcodes and how to update:

Pre-steps: Create a working folder
Check if your laptop is ok with Acer Crisis recovery: Acer Crisis Disk

Attempt one recovery to see if your laptop takes it, if not then you can continue but be warned, any problems that appear will brick your laptop and the only way I see to unbrick it is to reprogram the bios chip with CH341A.

1. Get unlocked bios from page 1
2. Get MC Extractor, read documentation (it is easy)
3. Get lasted microcode from intel by downloading their Linux* Processor Microcode Data File, you can check if your processor is present by reading the "This download is valid for the product(s) listed below." section and proceed to the previous release. (ctrl + F (find text) in browser.
4. Unpacking the microcodes its fairly easy, you will need just two tools:

a. microdecode
b. microcode.dat-Converter 32 bit
    microcode.dat-Converter 64 bit

Once you have these, you can start by using microcode converter to created a microcode.dat file (Intel has stopped supporting this file)
Afterwards, point the microcode.dat file in microdecoder

Now you have all microcodes available for you, identify yours by looking for your cpuid and isolate the ones you wish to be in bios.

Note: microcode.dat-Converter has a graphical interface, but you need to point the last folder containing all the microcodes e.g.: Desktop\cpu_micro update wph\Gigabyte\microcode-20180807\microcode-20180807
        microdecode can be used in cmd, like so: microdecode.exe microcode.dat (all microcodes will be extracted in the same path as microcode.exe)

5. Put your bios in MC Extractor folder, close to the "mce.exe"
    Open cmd and go to mce.exe, type mce.exe
    In "Option(s):" type your bios name. e.g.: bios.wph
   A table will be shown with microcodes available in bios and at the same time, all shown microcodes will be available in MC Extractor path in folder "Extracted"

6. Open HxD app, open from HxD the bios.wph and 1 of the microcode extracted from MC Extractor folder "Extracted"
7. You can search microcode position in bios, offset is really important, you should keep it as so.

You can change the offset base to decimals from Tools > Options > View to keep it easier to track.

When you have identified offset position of the microcode, take notes, select it and note the Lenght(s), open the new microcode and note the Length(s) of the new microcode. Compare it with old one, make room and select new offset Lenght, copy and insert.

Note: Study the bios.wph in HxD, note the position of the first microcode in the module, and respect the same, overall keep the same structure.

In the end, open the modified bios in MC Extractor to see if microcodes are present, compare the size of both bios, to see if they are the same.

Good luck.

This is a collection of gathered sources, so kudos to them.

Use this guide at your own risk.

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