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Samsung R610 Notebook & eGPU
Btw, i got a new purchase date in the bios, 2019 /01. So i have a new laptop ahah. Donno if that happen because of removing bios battery, or because of new processor that was installed is running (for sure) for the first time. I think so.

Another question.
I was able to run an external graphics nvidia 9500 gt with the exp gdc dock adapter , connected to the wireless pci slot of the laptop.

But so far only sucess in Linux Mint. Windows still problems (i dont miss windows... just playing some games!) - that is why the upgrade.

Is it possible to have in bios the option to disable  internal graphics? So far what seems to be my problem is that the internal graphic is a 9200M GS and this one also have dedicated memory . 
Looking for a solution to disable GPU from this laptop. Bios option? Windows software? Im looking for something called Optimus but still not really found nothing

* Geforce GT 710 low profile noiseless 2 gb gddr5 seems not to work using this dock
[Image: 50046007_214812492681782_426506287323702...e=5CFDCEB5][Image: 50754197_2218902701691681_89457261609274...e=5CFDD538]

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About r610 laptop ,i've modified a unlock for bios screen ,its version is 04LKB i think.
Bios source from this thread on post#1
Here is emulate screen on PBE(phoenix bios editor) .

I unlocked intel tab and upgrade mcode ,it seem contain full of features ,but i don;t know if it can solve your issue.
If you need it ,please pm me.

My page>>>click
My bios unlock >>> click
donate me >>>click


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