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Sony Vaio AMI Microcode Update

I would like to update all the microcodes of my Sony Vaio VGN-NS135E. I'm now using the original T3200 processor but I have bought a T9300 processor that is currently shipping to me. Inspecting the BIOS I saw the T9300 should be supported (the microcode is there) but I would like to update the microcodes to the latest version.

This is the original BIOS:!XtkDQSTC!QqRSYR5Y_gkBpUM9kJN073PZgVXyO1pRXDxstpzxhqM

I have modded the BIOS using HxD and replacing the microcodes with the updated ones, but I'm not sure if what I did is OK. So I wanted to have a second opinion on how to mod this BIOS. 

This is the BIOS modded by me (all the microcodes updated). Is it correct? If you mod it using your tools (I don't know if they are the same as I used) do you get the same result? I just wanted a second opinion from an expert.!6kUFnawQ!BZlcvXyD8NtnJ...XhqkCNMxm4

You don't need any mods for support of T9300. Native BIOS already supports it.

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