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Striker extrem corrupted BIOS + chip erased
Yes, I knew a proper full dump from a working system (With it's correct information), then I can find the locations for this and tell you where how to put it in. Without this info tied to a BIOS even a full dump from a working system wont help me tell you where it goes because I wouldn't know the info to locate it even if it was looking right at me.

For example, a serial or MAC Address, if I have a full good dump from a working system, but do not know the MAC or serial, I could never find it since this BIOS is so old I forget location of such stuff, so I could look right at it and not know it was the serial or MAC (It doesn't say MAC >> Here or Serial >> Here Big Grin). In modern BIOS, this is stored in a few key locations and I could locate and narrow down the info without even knowing it, but this BIOS is so old, if I did used to know I don't anymore. And since you erased your chip, I don't even have a dump right now from you with info in it to look at and try to find to tell you where it goes.

No, phoenix BIOS tools are not compatible with this BIOS, this is an award BIOS. There is a DMI bin, but this is often left with generic info filled in on Asus BIOS, 123456789 etc. I checked this already, and I don't think MAC or serial goes there, even in new or old Asus BIOS, I know it doesn't on new and it always looks same w/ generic info. Serial and UUID may not even be in BIOS way back then, I can't remember, MAC should be, but it also may not be either and could be on the LAN chip only, but we can't find out until you have system running and then see if LAN works or not. None of this affects if the board can run, serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID can always be 0000 or 1234567 etc and board will run, only with LAN if it's wrong the LAN doesn't work, but the board will still run.

I would use many tools for this kind of work, Award tools, Cbrom, hex editor etc. No phoenix tools on this BIOS.

If you need help with HP UEFI BIOS let me know
Now I understand, I start in the BIOS world, there is a lot of things that I do not understand yet like
DMI bin, generic info. I looked at ebay 70 euros for just the circuit board, too expensive, so I'll wait for another card. I will try something on the chipset. If I found you a BIOS that I would receive from a person on a forum, would it work?
I have a BIOS 2002 that I have recover, but, it would be necessary to check if there is useful information on it, otherwise I can ask on the forums with a little luck, a person could give me, but you have to dump it.

For the HP, yes I'm want, great, I'm already lost ...
Thank you
DMI is an area where system specific information can be, and often is stored, on some systems. Generic info means like instead of actual serial of 1u2b54r3ough53p;9 a placeholder or generic data is there instead like 1234567890 or abcdefg etc.

If you can send me some users BIOS Dump (Must be a dump from programmer or some software that dumps entire BIOS) and they give you there UUID, serial, and LAN MAC ID, then yes I can find that info location and then correct it for you in a BIOS with your info. They can dump with programmer if they have, if not I think Universal BIOS backup Toolkit will dump entire BIOS on these old systems, and some versions of award flash AWDFlash would work too (maybe even possible to dump from the built in BIOS reflash tool)

I'll check your HP thread. I'm not a pro on HP, but I know my way around UEFI BIOS much better since it's far more current

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