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Striker extrem corrupted BIOS + chip erased
There I understood!
No for me it's not a waste of time. I will try something tonight, if I'm not too exhausted.

The CH341A is for SPI EEPROMs. Mine is a PLCC32 dip 33.
I will work I will be away for a few days ...
The boot block I cut (so without him) and programmed the EEPROM, for observed if the programmer wrote well the bios, if my motherboard reacted differently, then it meant that the tl866ii programmed well, but it does not had no result. Then, I installed the bootblock at the beginning, on the first address, I programmed it and tested on my motherboard, no results.
I admit, I play a little but there is no age for that, I stop!
Yes, sorry I forgot PLCC32 if I mentioned CH341A Big Grin I have programmer for your chips and normal SPI modern BIOS too, all in one, it's called NANO USB Programmer, you can get on ebay for $16-24

Can't read post #22
I read the manual completely, changed some details in the programming, installed the latest version of the software, it is more stable and contacted the manufacturer in China, I await the response of technical support. I would like to do a test and write the UUIDs, MAC codes and serial numbers, to do a test, could you tell me, where to place them precisely?

. If it does not work, I would buy a programmareur. I redo the post # 22.

For the CH341A, no problem, it happens so often between work and the long night spent in front of the computer, in the end I bug and I blame the computer !!!
See you soon...
My programmer works perfectly and properly, I'm sure. My chips work. I tested all the components on the motherboard and I'm sure it's the bios because everything works. So for now I'm not going to buy the nano usb programmer.
Flashrom the nano usb programmer software does not support my motherboard.

Would you like to help me put the codes in the firmware?
I can read post #22 now = all that will fail, and should not be done - so waste of your time, would always = a bricked BIOS.

Flashrom and Nano USB Programmer have nothing to do with each other, and cannot be used together. If that's what you meant (Flashrom software + Nano USB Programmer). Nano USB Programmer does not have a motherboard supported list, it only works with flash chips and yes it will program your PLCC32 BIOS chip. It also has it's own proprietary software that you use with it to program BIOS

There is no point to put anything in BIOS right now, until you have the board booting. For me to tell you where this info goes, I need a dumped BIOS from your board or similar one, and then images of all the stickers on your board. This will be much harder if you do not have a dump from your board before this happened, since any other dump we find we wont also find the board specific details with it.
post 22: I did this to know if my programmer was functional, I first turned on, without the chip and then with an empty chip and after that when I realized that the motherboard reacted identically with or without firmware that I decided to hit the boot block to know if I had to buy one. So there was no risk if the programmer did not flaunt. In post 22, I was wrong, since I did more research on tl866ii and I think you were right about everything.

I will need confirmation from you before buying the nano USB programmer.
I am also on another BIOS repair an HP notebook, that chip is a 32Mbits SPI soic8 200mil / PTC 25VF032B, but I have not seen it in the compatibility list of the nano USB programmer.
I have a complete adapter kit that I bought with the tl866ii and I wanted to know if I could use them with the nano USB programmer, I send you 2 photographs in attachment.
Because following your answer, I will buy it with the adapter or without.
And I have one last question, what do you think of this programmer because it was him I had bought before the tl866ii.

The 3 nano USB programmers:
- Nano USB Programmer for PC M / B BIOS
- NANO USB Programmer + SOP8 Adapter for BIOS Repair
- NANO USB Programmer + Adapter SOP8 Adaptateur 150mil 200mil,
Les attachements, je l'avais oublié.
Je l'achète et vous salue quand je l'ai.

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Good to know you were only testing and checking things out with post #22.

Yes, with Nano USB Programmer and regular SOIC8 or SOP8 you can program BIOS using the DIP8 socket, using the PCB w/ pins you showed in image or just the pins and a cable. However, you will need other pins or make your own cable/pins etc, the pins that come with these PCB and other BIOS tools do not fit down into the Nano USB DIP8 socket.

If you do not have a cable with test clip already, you need one of these for the HP, this way you can program in place without having to desolder the chip (For this, get CH341A $3.50 on ebay)
+ CH341A -

I have not used Willem programmer, but seen someone recently have issues with it's voltage compatibility (but with 1.8V chip) stock is 3.5v or something like that once jumper is removed, so it will work with 3.3V chips. Nano USB will do it all, I've never had any chip it wouldn't work with, I use it all the time in place of CH341A because its faster to read/write etc.

On the Nano USB - 25VF032B is in his support list (SST 25VF032B) PCT is just rebranded knock/off but same chip ID

If you don't want to use cable + CH341A, and like to solder/desolder etc, then you can use Nano USB + SOP8 Adapter for BIOS Repair. He also has solderless adapters too (using PCB and pins that bend aside, you push onto BIOS in place, I use those often) For that you need "Solderless SOIC + DIP8 adapter" Just as easy to use cable though, but up to you what all to get.

If you are not familiar with desoldering motherboard components I highly suggest you use the CH341A + SOIC8 cable instead for the HP (unless you solder and get that adapter you showed in image #1 on post #28, or the "Solderless Nano USB kit)). BIOS chip legs are very easy to break or bend, motherboard pads/traces easy to damage. Lead free solder used on boards requires good soldering skill and high temp to desolder, or lots of solder added on top of current, or low temp solder (Like quick chip, cheaper stuff on ebay just search low melt or low temp solder)
I'm going to weld it, I have a microelectronic soldering station with all the material, products, ... I restart the subject chip erase in a month, it's going to be long, but it happens from South Korea, thank you very much for your patience, especially with me I know, and see you soon.

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