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T420s 1.41 whitelist removed, other changes
[quote pid='138542' dateline='1522832401']
Hello, please remowe whitelist, 16GB RAM and memory speed increase for latest 1.46 version too :-) Thanks
(07-05-2016, 01:28 PM)TimeWalker Wrote: Hi,

While trying to find something for this model all I have stumbled upon was a lot of drama concerning some individual called Oleh, who is apparently selling these mods outside of this forum, still! That's of course none of my business, but I've decided to post my own mod which was made possible based on the information from, mostly .. and from previous experience with Tiano UEFI on my Dell.


- TimeWalker75a
 Hi Timewalker,

Thank you very much for providing this BIOS, I really appreciate it.

Since 1.41, Lenovo has released several new versions addressing sucurity vulnerabilities, including Meltdown and Spectre.  While I appreciate and will use your version of 1.41, it would be very helpful if you could modify the latest BIOS and release that as well.  Several others have asked about that also.

Thanks again,
Hey TimeWalker, I'd also use the modded version of the latest 1.46. Can even donate something for the development if you need Smile
Sorry gents, I'd like to help but I no longer own the computer and the toolset to mod these is long gone too (moved to a Mac). I'd left detailed instructions on how the mods where done in the archive itself, so the same principles can be applied to the newer version to get the same (hopefully) effect.
Can you share it here? That drop-crap is doing some weird stuff to my browser :O
(07-15-2016, 03:21 AM)smartc0de Wrote:
(07-14-2016, 03:19 PM)TimeWalker Wrote: Thanks for the feedback.
I am not exactly sure the computrace is just an orom as there are certainly elements in the bios formbrowser that allow the computrace to be manipulated. What stops you from setting it to 'disable permanently' though, has the laptop been 'borrowed' with the software already flagged?

Because a message popup saying that "this computer is protected by computrace blah blah blah" always appears during booting and it's really annoying me.
I asked the computrace company to remove this popup message but they can't find my laptop information in their database.
Anyhow, I checked original BIOS ROM (8cuj20us) with phoenix mod tool then I found several OROMs and items (I don't know what they are exactly..) as shown as an attachment.
Just removing those items related to computrace will work?
Hi friend where to find BIOS for t420s for programmer bin or ROM.
У кого есть биос для программатора t420s файл ром.

I bought a refurbished thinkpad T420s with i7 processor which worked properly for almost a year and then suddenly some problems started in it.

My notebook started to suddenly power off (not shutdown but hard power off like when the battery is removed) . Investigating the issue led me to following:
1. Notebook worked fine for 30 mins to the sec and then powered off [same thing happens in Bios & UEFI modes].
2. First, I tried to update intel ME firmware, but it produces an error that intel ME driver could not be found.
3. Tried to install the drivers for MEI, dishes out a message that hardware is not supported on running the setup.
4. Noticed the corrupt ME issue as MEI device was not there in the device manager.
5. The brightness of display is not changing by any means and it's set at its maximum value.
6. Most of the time the processor runs at its full capacity (100% use) and the fan runs at very high speed. So the notebook hangs.
7. Updated the BIOS, but this didn't solve the problem.

I want to re-flash ME region, but it is locked as I came to know from internet.

I want to completely flash the bios and ME region with an original BIOS file and clean ME region. Please help me.
Isn't the ME disabled in BIOS? That would explain that you cannot see it and install driver.

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