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T420s 1.41 whitelist removed, other changes
[quote pid='138542' dateline='1522832401']
Hello, please remowe whitelist, 16GB RAM and memory speed increase for latest 1.46 version too :-) Thanks
(07-05-2016, 01:28 PM)TimeWalker Wrote: Hi,

While trying to find something for this model all I have stumbled upon was a lot of drama concerning some individual called Oleh, who is apparently selling these mods outside of this forum, still! That's of course none of my business, but I've decided to post my own mod which was made possible based on the information from, mostly .. and from previous experience with Tiano UEFI on my Dell.


- TimeWalker75a
 Hi Timewalker,

Thank you very much for providing this BIOS, I really appreciate it.

Since 1.41, Lenovo has released several new versions addressing sucurity vulnerabilities, including Meltdown and Spectre.  While I appreciate and will use your version of 1.41, it would be very helpful if you could modify the latest BIOS and release that as well.  Several others have asked about that also.

Thanks again,
Hey TimeWalker, I'd also use the modded version of the latest 1.46. Can even donate something for the development if you need Smile
Sorry gents, I'd like to help but I no longer own the computer and the toolset to mod these is long gone too (moved to a Mac). I'd left detailed instructions on how the mods where done in the archive itself, so the same principles can be applied to the newer version to get the same (hopefully) effect.
Can you share it here? That drop-crap is doing some weird stuff to my browser :O

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