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[Unlocked] Acer Aspire M7721
Hey I was wondering if any genius would give a go of unlocking the Acer Aspire M7721 bios so I could overclock my i7 920 processor. I saw there was an unlock for the M7720 but I am not sure if it would work and just make my computer useless.

Here is the link to the latest version of the bios form Acer's site: Bios Download
Sorry , the overclocking options ARE hidden but sadly unhiding them seems to corrupt the bios. Will check with my co-admin on this

Hey Matt,

Seems we have sorted the issue, and the BIOS has been modded with the same features in the m7720.

www find
Thanks for the hacked bios for m7721
But which tools I must to use to update It?
I would use a bootable USB with DOS, and use this flash tool: AFUDOS

To make a USB with DOS, use this utility and this DOS image:

Once in dos, and you've copied the bios and flash utility, just type afu nameofbios.rom and follow onscreen instructions.
www find
Thanks a lot.
It works!
Do you know if when they are new original bios update, I can do it or if it is better to avoid it after flash the bios with the "moded" bios?
And, if I want to revert to the original firmware, can I just reload the original firmware or I must to some things before?

I do a lot of questions , sorry i'm really newbie..
I didn't really catch what you meant in your first question, but as for the second you should ahve no problems reverting if you choose to do so.

Glad it worked for you!
www find
that's OK, you answer to my question.
thanks again.
Sadly, forcing 1333 Mhz on my freshly bought 1333-ram does not work, though the option is included in the mod. It stays @ 1066. Any suggestions?

Sadly, forcing 1333 Mhz on my freshly bought 1333-ram does not work, though the option is included in the mod. It stays @ 1066. Any suggestions?
Hello there.

I have bin trying you BIOS here and used and do everything as you sayed, but, its updates to BIOS but i dont save it, and after a restart im back to same BIOS v. again as the one from acer. Sad

I ask is, is there some kind of override luck on my BIOS (The Chip) or is there something im not doing right?

Hope you guys can help me out here

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