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W6Li+Pentium II Overdrive
You mod has updated microcode only. So I think it will not help - BIOS will hang "Power management error POST before boot".
DeathBringer Wrote:You mod has updated microcode only
You lie.
Main reason that displayed message "Power Management feature is not available on installed CPU type", is set not allowed type for this cpu.
You not see changed byte in this table?
Offset 0x34876 in file:
db 06,30, c2, 46,80, 8a,00 ;string item 008a - Klamath
db 06,ff, c1, 46,80, 9a,00 ;009a - Pentium Pro
db 16,ff, ff, 46,80, 94,00 ;0094 - OverDrive
db 05,20, 82, 46,80, a6,00 ;00a6 - Pentium
db 05,40, 86, 46,80, 96,00 ;0096 - Pentium-R w MMX
db 05,ff, 81, 46,80, a6,00
db 15,40, 88, 46,80, 98,00 ;0098 - OverDrive w/ MMX
db 15,ff, bf, 46,41, 94,00 ;OverDrive
else set type 81h
OK, will see...
Flash chip is Intel 28f002 (2Mbitx8bit= 256kB)
Now we have basic problem with reflashing using programmer. Program says that pin no. 9 is not detected. Hmmm Pin9 is a WP# pin, write protect boot block. Other manufacturers says that is WE# pin (write enable). We have to test what does it mean. Maybe logic state High enables write mode? But...+5V or +12V?...

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