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Whitelist removal request for HP DV6 2040el
(07-26-2011, 03:40 PM)camiloml Wrote: Then i can exchange Ids for your new card to work, but nor remove whitelist. if you want.

I've the same notebook and seems... the same problem Sad

I tried your modded bios 50586 but it doesn't work..
If I put the original card in the original play, it's all ok, obviusly.
If I put the new wifi card instead of the original, the notebook don't turn on. It aumatically reboot without any writing on the screen.. (you can only enter the bios pressing ESC)

Now I'm using both the card, with the original in the original place and the new card in the other pci slot...
However without the original i can't use the new card because i can't activate the wi-fi (the wi-fi quick launch botton don't work and it remain red all time..)

Can you do help me, in any way? Thank you a lot Smile

News.. o.O
Now I tried to put the new card instead of the original and, as normal, the notebook continously reboots at the start-up but...
I enterend the BIOS option by pressing ESC (really it's not yet the BIOS... to enter the bios you must press ESC and than F10) and selected
the first hard drive in the BOOT MENU and the notebook turned-on O.o

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