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Will a modded BIOS help me? (Acer Aspire 5520)
I do not know who makes the BIOS for my laptop. It just says Acer BIOS.

What I would like to do is make more memory available for Windows 7. I am running 64 bit and have 4GB of physical memory, yet Windows shows only 3.75GB usable. Is this because the BIOS only supports 4GB of address space and is mapping video memory, etc. into it, the same problem people have with 32 bit OS's? Or is Windows itself using the memory for the system and only reporting what is free for applications?

What I would really like to know is whether I can put two 4GB SIMMS in this laptop and have them recognized, but that would be very expensive to try if it's not going to work. The BIOS has no options related to memory that I can see.

The model number on the bottom says ICW50. CPU-Z just says the BIOS is Acer, V1.33, 5/6/2008. Chipset is nForce 560. Motherboard model Fuquene.
Excuse me, I wasn't paying attention last time I was in the BIOS. It does indeed say PhoenixBIOS. So, wrong forum. Sorry.
Its probably taking the 256MB for your video. I think you can adjust the amount of shared video memory but it may differ depending on what graphics you have

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