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XPS M1710 / INS E1705
first off sorry for offering money for this, i hope its not illegal, but i believe that could speed things a bit :-)

please find a way to enable AHCI in dell inspiron e1705, bios A10, chipset: ICH7M/U
bios link:

50$ reward.

thank you

lifting reward to 75$
Please, confirm that your BIOS is AMI. And post a link to the BIOS. What you've linked is a BIOS+flasher package that I cannot open using standard tools. You can use AFUWIN to save your BIOS since it's AMI.
Hi there, this is a very old laptop but apparently AHCI has been disabled by Dell and the chipset/southbridge does INDEED support AHCI mode, however Dell choose to disable it via BIOS, this would be EXTREMELY beneficial to us to have for SSD support. These laptops are almost identical with the Chipset being GM if intel integrated graphics are enabled. 
M1710 (and) Inspiron E1705 / 9400
ICH7-M / U Southbridge Rev A1
i945PM / GM Chipset Rev 03
BIOS A07 XPS M1710
BIOS A10 E1705

I tried using some of your tools already on another thread to extract the module for the BIOS but the downloads said restricted.

Is there a specific program and command switches I should use to extract the BIOS module if you need me to post only that file on here?

SUPER thank you talented guys.
I checked M170 BIOS, but it's so old I forget how to modify these Sad It's phoenix BIOS, but none of my phoenix BIOS tools will open it properly.
I examined the files with legible text in them, BIOS strings etc, AHCI is not mentioned and there is no AHCI Module that I could see, but that doesn't meant it's not there for either of those, I lost all this to time Sad Big Grin

Same for E1705 - Here is rom and hdr, and modules extracted for both in case any of these help someone else figure it out.
Well I checked with the datasheets and the ICH7-M does support AHCI

So it should be possible on both motherboards (there's no difference between them, in fact the XPS M1710 has added features while the E1705 is more recent).

I'd extract the modules but am unsure how to. I also have the bios I want to modify more the M1710 on my M1710 here at home. So is there some way I can help and can anyone edit it? It'd be a wonderful thing for karma and worth of donations for coffee.
Extracted modules are in link I provided above.
Old things.
On mydigitallife forum there was things about extracting Dell bios,modules,headers,lenght of module.
Via BIOS menu can't find a way to enable AHCI.
After many try and fail and experiments I was able to boot in windows (in linux was easy with grub patch) with AHCI but dissapointed
No more info in my hdd but it was like that,replace PXE rom with custom one that switch ICH7 in AHCI mode,do something with INT13 to redetect HDD then pass boot sequence to next device.Set BIOS to boot from network.
But result as I said :
Low speed,SATA I speed if I remember,and no optical disk,ICH7-M disables IDE port in AHCI mode.

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