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[Project] SHE and AHCI BIOS mod for ASUS EeePC 1000H
Just to point to a rather obvious "problem:

If you switch from IDE to AHCI mode
a) after the OS installation  
b) after the installation of the aformentioned BIOS mod for the Eee PC 1000H 
you have to => change the disk drivers in your OS from IDE to AHCI support
Many might just alter the BIOS setup but forget about this, which might cause the system to hang during boot up afterwards ("inoperable or unreachable boot device") because of the missing AHCI compatible drivers. If this has happened already just turn off the system, (re)boot, enter the BIOS again and change the drive configuration back to IDE mode to be able to load the OS and proceed to the installation of the AHCI drivers first as described in those links below. Normally no harm should be done at this point. If you install the OS after the switch from IDE to AHCI this is not necessary, because the setup will install the correct drivers for AHCI already.

Instructions for doing this are provided specifically for different Windows OS can be found at several places: i.e. (in German) or i.e. (in English) just search for "windows 7 8 10 ide to ahci" or similar. The instructions are usually different for each Windows variant / version...

Have fun...  Shy
PS.: After installation of the modified BIOS and the switch to AHCI mode in the BIOS I faced some of the same problems mentioned here concerning the standby mode: the system would hang... I then started a repair installation of Windows 10 from inside Windows 10 using an USB stick, which finally fixed this "problem".
I got the - well known - overclocking etc. utility "eeectl.exe" to run under the current Windows 10 Home 1809 edition too.
As known, it allows the over- and underclocking of the N270 CPU and adjusting the screen brightness and fan speed to your individual liking. 

It runs OK when 

a) changing the compatibility mode for the .EXE file to "Windows XP SP3"
b) replacing the contents of the eeectl.ini file for use with the Eee PC 1000H with the following content


; This file contains eeectl settings.
; ======================================================================================
; Modified for Eee PC 1000 Series with Intel Atom CPU / Intel 945GSE Chipset
; ======================================================================================
; Please note that the default settings are adjusted, sane and sufficient for most users.
; When making changes you should clearly understand what you are doing, otherwise you may
; damage both software and hardware.

; eeectl has a modular structure, each module has a set of resources.
; Most notable
; Modules:
; Core — eeectl core interface.
; Speed — FSB speed, PCIE speed and CPU voltage control.
; Temp — Temperature monitor.
; Fan — Fan control.
; Backlight — Backlight brightness control.
; Methods:
; Core._quit — Exit app.
; Core.Alpha — Load ini file “Alpha”.
; Speed._up — Switch to the nearest upper speed profile.
; Speed._down — Switcn to the nearest lower speed profile.
; Speed.Alpha — Switch to the “Alpha” speed profile.
; Fan._native — Return fan control to the embedded controller.
; Fan._auto — Enable automatic mode.
; Fan.Numeric — Set fan speed to “Numeric”.
; Backlight._up — Switch to the nearest upper backlight profile.
; Backlight._down — Switch to the nearest lower backlight profile.
; Backlight.Alpha — Switch to the “Alpha” backlight profile.
; Icons:
; Core. — Blank icon
; Speed.FSB — FSB clock frequency multiplied by Speed.FSBIconMul
; Speed.PCI — PCI clock frequency
; Fan. — Current fan speed
; Temp.C — CPU temperature in celsius
; Temp.F — CPU temperature in fahrenheit
; Backlight. — Current backlight brightness intensity.

; List of modules allowed to save their state.
Core.Save = Fan; Speed;

; List of modules to add to system menu.
; List consists of blocks “Name,Mode”.
; See the table above for the list of available modules.
; Mode can be embed(module menu items add right to the menu) or popup(module has its own submenu), default is embed.
Core.Menu = Speed,embed; Fan,popup; Backlight,popup; Core;

; Hotkeys list
; List consists of blocks “Modifier+Key,Method”
; Modifier can be any combination of a(lt), c(ontrol), s(hift) and w(indows)
; Key can be key name (like “home”, “del”, “g” or “8”) or key code (for example “%1B” for the escape key)
; See the table above for the list of the most useful methods.
Core.Keys = aw+esc,Core._quit; aw+down,Speed._down; aw+up,Speed._up; aw+f3,Backlight._down; aw+f4,Backlight._up; aw+0,Fan._auto; aw+3,Fan.30; aw+5,Fan.50; aw+7,Fan.70;

; List of icons to show in the tray.
; List consists of blocks “icon,color”.
; See the table above for the list of available icons.
; Color is 24-bit hex value in BGR format, FFFF00 by default.
; ======================================================================================
; Modified for Eee PC 1000 Series: Removed Speed.FSB (shows wrong value)
; ======================================================================================
Core.Icon = Temp.C,00FFFF;

; Pause between icon changes, msec.
; Set to 0 to disable automatic icon changing.
Core.IconDelay = 5000

; Speed profiles list.
; List consists of blocks “FSB,PCIE,Voltage,Name”.
; FSB is the real FSB frequency (70MHz stock, 100MHz max), not the rated one which is
; this value multiplied by four, or the CPU one, which is this value multiplied by nine.
; PCIE is PCI Express bus clock frequency.
; Voltage is CPU voltage flag, 0 for Low, 1 for Normal.
; This flag is ignored for all(and even named) intermediate values.
; Name is just what to show in the menu(“Suspend” is the special profile to set before entering sleep mode).
; You may omit Name in case you want to hide profile from the menu, however it will still be used as an
; intermediate value.
; Note that changing the frequency includes a step-by-step transfer through all intermediate
; values, i.e. if you change the frequency from 70 to 100 MHz and settings contain also 80
; and 95MHz, first the frequency will be changed to 80, then to 95 and only then to 100MHz.
; When comparing, FSB speeds are taken in account first and if they are equal — PCIE speeds get comapared too.
; ======================================================================================
; Modified for Eee PC 1000 Series: different Values for FSB,PCIE
; ======================================================================================
Speed.Profiles = 48,166,1,Suspend; 30,166,0,990 MHz; 34,166; 38,166,0,1254 MHz; 42,166; 48,166,1,1585 MHz; 50,166; 52,166,1,1710 MHz; 54,176,1,1890 MHz; 54,187,1,2008 Mhz;
; Pause between steps in described process, msec.
Speed.StepDelay = 500
; Multiplier for the FSB icon. You may set it to 9 to see the CPU speed in the tray instead of the FSB one.
Speed.FSBIconMul = 1

; Fan profiles list.
; List consists of blocks “Speed,C_Temp_On,C_Temp_Off”.
; Speed is the fan speed (0-100).
; C_Temp_On(used in Automatic mode) is temperature(Celsius) when this profile should be activated.
; C_Temp_Off(used in Automatic mode) is temperature(Celsius) when this profile should be deactivated.
; You may set both temp fileds to 0(or just omit them) if you don’t want them to be used in Automatic mode.
Fan.Profiles = 10,50,45; 20,55,50; 30,60,55; 40; 50; 60,65,55; 70; 80,70,65; 90; 100,75,60;

; Backlight profiles list.
; List consists of blocks “Name,Value”.
; Name is just what to show in the menu.
; Value is the backlight brightness intensity(0-100).
Backlight.Profiles = Lowest,10; Low,30; Medium,50; Bright,70; Ultra bright,100;


Speed.Profile=1585 MHz


I did NOT write it myself. Here is the corresponding link

By the way, Windows 10 Home with some small modification runs quite well on the Eee PC 1000H...
Hi, thanks for your effort modding the BIOS to accept AHCI mode  Big Grin
I would like to know were can I get the AHCI (Intel or Microsoft, I don't care) driver for Windows XP to avoid reinstalling everything, please... Sad
The original Eee PC 1000H chipset drivers don't include AHCI driver, and how to install it? Just upgrade HDD actual driver?
Blush Blush

Please enable the AHCI

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Hello sir i want to mod BIOS to support M.2 NVME on Asus ROG GL752vw , anyone have moded BIOS?

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