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I need update latest agesa rs690
I have a question to update

to flash bios


afudos xx.rom

or some special command /x

I have bad news

update the bios (mod).

[Image: process-1.png]

[Image: process-2.png]

the process finished well... but... change the cpu for amd athlon II 605E 2.3ghz 45w and....

[Image: process-3.png]

again change the cpu for amd 3250e 22w for windows boot... and cpu-z open and... check agesa and the same thing appears (version)

[Image: after-bios-update.png]

Thanks a lot
OK. Try to flash my second mod.
Update biosmod2 pass ok

Bios pass ok (no shutdown) but windows 10 no loading (frozen) with amd athlon II 605E 2.3ghz 45w

[Image: E59858-FF-6-E8-A-48-F1-80-F9-4802-D704-EC2-F.jpg]

I change Cpu amd 3250 again and cpuz run and same versiĆ³n agesa (are you shure update code agesa? latest is why cpu z appear

[Image: after-bios-update.png]

change the cpu again for amd athlon II 605E 2.3ghz 45w and.... to install windows but bluescreen
try install windows 7/8.1/10 and same bluscreen

[Image: 0-F1973-D4-D57-F-4564-B89-F-A0-FAEC7-BC0-F7.jpg]

[Image: 2529500-F-FAAA-4-E96-BCB3-1-FABF3-E6-B2-E1.jpg]

[Image: 32-A9-D2-F2-51-C2-4-CAE-A7-F5-B0-A90034-D755.jpg]

[Image: 613-ECD38-F60-C-4-CF7-BD8-C-305-D4-FAF5280.jpg]

[Image: D359-D294-9-C44-48-AF-8-F3-E-C9-B01-EBC360-D.jpg]








(06-26-2022, 06:15 PM)gampesirit_1 Wrote: are you shure update code agesa? latest is why cpu z appear
Current BIOS already has suitable (with Athlon II 605E) AGESA, but it has the blacklist for CPU. I've removed it and now you can boot.
I think that the reason of BSOD is a week power subsystem of your motherboard.
now reinstall downgrade to windows 7 x64 (with amd 3250 x2 tdp 22w)
and put mod (fan 12v to 100%) for tdp (amd athlon x4 II 605E 2.3ghz 45w) and.... the same windows 7 loading.... and bluescreen reboot

it is unlikely to be the 18.5v 3.5A (65w) power supply, later I will try a 120w one and the mod to the fan.
A power subsystem of the motherboard isn't a power supply unit (PSU), but it's VRM on the motherboard near a socket.

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