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[REQUEST] Lenovo G450 & G550 (18CNxxWW) Whitelist Removal
I have a lenovo g550 , i have bought it an intel 9260 wifi card and converter to plug in pci-e , the bios needs white list though , also i ordered a higher cpu and it is on its way but i heared that cpus need white listing too , so is combining both modifications possible ?
if not then at least we start with the Wifi i am not greedy :d
Hello. I'm resuming this post because I have a Lenovo G550 and want to flash a clean bios, version is x32 18CN44WW (V2.53).
Since I'm going to upgrade the Wi-Fi card I have to use a modded one.

So I'm kindly asking you if is it possible to have this bios image modded by removing the Whitelist.
Another modded image was uploaded in this same post some months ago, but it was another version and I'd prefer to have mine since I know it'll surely work.
I have x86 Windows 10. I'm going to install 4965AGN Intel Wireless card.
Original file is here:

I think the bios image is BIOS.wph but I'm not sure.

Then I have a question: since it's an .exe file, can I replace the BIOS.wph file with the modded one, and then run the .exe as if it was untouched?
Thank you a lot!
I have this ancient laptop and the performance of the WiFi card is dreadful, so I'd like to update to something newer...but Lenovo block it from BIOS if I use any other PCIe WiFi card. Is there a way to get rid of this whitelist?.

BIOS: Phoenix Technologies - 05/05/2010 - 18CN45WW(V2.54)
BIOS Size: 2048 KBytes

Thank you.
Hi, i'm asking for help to remove the whitelist from my Lenovo G550 bios (v2.53), because i want to change the wifi card and upgrade it. Hope you can help me. Thanks.
(06-19-2021, 08:15 PM)Dr_Peter107 Wrote: i want to change the wifi card and upgrade it.
At the very bottom of post 88, all this time the mod has already been ready to download.
They could do step by step how to install it I'm confused, Use rufus to create a bootable USB in freeDOS Then I put the files from the MODIFIED WLIST X64 folders All copy to usb with freeDOS

I need help to obtain a modified BIOS for LENOVO G550, removing the white list and being able to use a Wi-Fi card with dual-band technology.

Thank you for your kind support.

Type: Phoenix BIOS /ACPI 2.0
Version: 18CN47WW (V2.56)
Size 2048K
Date 04/18/2011

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