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Bricked InsydeH2O BIOS of Acer Aspire 5742
Acer Aspire 5742-5463 G32Mnrr Model No. PEW71 with InsydeH2O BIOS Version 1.04  got bricked while updating to Version 1.30  using Windows flash utility on Windows 7 x64 Home Premium laptop.

As the laptop battery was faulty, had to tweak the platform.ini file to run the process. The process completed for nearly 75% before the screen went blank.       Panicked and switched off the power supply to the laptop. Later realised that maybe the laptop was restarting. Don't know for sure. Your expert opinion, please.

Instructions for BIOS recovery are quite clear but would like some clarifications.

1. Got 19 files & 1 folder after extracting from zip file        The .fd file, PEW71130, is of 4 MB. So, do we need to add the whole folder containing all the 20 items by renaming it or just the 4 MB .fd file to the pendrive without renaming the file?

2. Should CMOS battery be removed or not?

3. As power LED doesn't glow if battery is removed from the laptop, there is no way of knowing whether power is being supplied. So, will this process work without removal of battery?

4. Do we need to switch on the power supply to the AC adapter from the power source outlet on the wall or just plug it into the laptop with no power supply to let CMOS battery do the work?

5. If power supply from the power source outlet on the wall is to be switched on, then is it to be switched on before plugging into the laptop or after plugging in?

6. Will update process display on the screen or will it remain blank during the whole process?

Thanks in advance.
Tried fn+esc & win+b. Also used different usb ports. Tried without battery first, then with battery. Tried without switching on power supply to the AC adapter before plugging into laptop and pressing the power button i.e. pressed Fn+Esc -> plugged in AC adapter into laptop -> switched on power supply -> pressed the power button on the laptop. Also tried after switching on power supply to the AC adapter before plugging into laptop and pressing the power button. Regret to say no variation of magic worked.

PEW71x64.fd file was used for recovery after formatting 4gb usb with FAT32 on Win 7 x64 OS. No other file was on the usb. Not even able find BIOS v.1.04 to revert or any other versions to do a gradual upgrade instead of jumping from v.1.04 to v.1.30.

Any other method? Any help from anyone? Or, will it require a PM to get some help?
After waiting for a month and getting no reply, I think using the original bios version of 1.04 may revive the laptop. But, I don't have original bios file. So, request a link to InsydeH2O BIOS v.1.04 for Acer Aspire 5742 or just the .fd file, PEW71x64.fd or PEW71104.fd. Thanks to all.

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