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Toshiba Qosmio-X770-135 Bios Mod - Overclock
07-04-2012, 01:32 AM
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Toshiba Qosmio-X770-135 Bios Mod - Overclock
Hello Everybody!

Sorry for my bad english but i am Brazilian! Well, i have a Toshiba Qosmio X770-135
with i7 2670qm Sandy Bridge processor and NVidia GTX 560M Optimus 3D. I have been reading most of the threads here in the forum to MOD my bios, but didn't find any motherboard similar as mine. So i used Phoenix Mod Tool and save my bios .rom file. Using an hex editor and a Vbios.rom from another notebook i tried to replace it in my original bios. Well everything run just fine, except for the fact that i couldn't flash my bios anyway. Tried ALL programs like amiflash, afudos, winflash, all versions. Sometimes it gives me an error like "invalid flashint.bin" and most of the time "The current system BIOS is the same (or newer) than the version you are trying to flash". Ok, tried all tricks to pass that error but nothing works. So, i think i probably made something wrong when editing my bios.

I need help to Mod my bios for overvolting my Graphic Card (Nvidia GTX 560M) from 0,97 to 1,00 or maximum possible value. I already tried nvflash to just flash my bios but it wont recognize my EEPROM. So the only way i found is to mod it from my bios. I will atach both of the files (Original Bios and Modified Bios) . Please, someone help me to Mod my bios for this trick!! Thank's everybody !!

PS: If someone change my Bios Version to a version earlier maybe i can pass the error message "The current system BIOS is the same..." but my focus is to overvolt my GPU with a MOD bios (not Vbios). » original bios » modified bios » .exe file with my current bios.
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